Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Testing, Testing

Hi gang!

This is a test post. Please let me know if this actually comes through on your reader, because apprantly I haven't gotten any visits from my regular readers and I'm trying to narrow down the reason as to why.

Many Thanks,



  1. Came through on google reader

  2. Bearman: Thanks, it's a start.

    The post I made yesterday I had almost zero visitors yesterday and today.

    Not sure if there's a glitch with Blogger that extends to the blogs as well as the comments.

    Much appreciated though.

  3. R: Thanks.

    Something is really weird with Blogger this week. A lot people's blogs got spammed out by blogger Sunday.

  4. Got it! But I'm having issues with google reader too!

  5. Joe: Thanks.

    Yeah, something really funky has been going on with not only Blogger, but with Gmail as well.

    I posted a question about this in the help forum and someone asked me if it was updating on others blog rolls. Not sure about that but I will definitely check that out.

  6. Lynn: Thankee, thankee.

    It's nice to know I got good friends in the blog world that can help contribute to clearing up a disturbing riddle about Blogger.

    Namely, what the heck is going on?

  7. I'm still head-banging to get the funk out! :)

  8. Click! Hummmm ... I'm still here but never use a reader! I always Click over-

    I did dump those temp files n having an easier time commenting! YAY!! Thanks G for the suggestion

    Word Ver

  9. Talon: Yeah, that song is a good one to rock out to. I actually had the 45 for it, but when I moved, I forgot to take it off the turntable, so it wound up warping out and melting.

    Snaggle: Glad it worked. I usually have to do it every day with mine as Blogger is really goofy with that way.

    That's a pretty cool word verify.

  10. Mama Z: I take it that you don't use a reader?

    Sometimes that can definitely be advantageous.

  11. Nope, can't see it. What am I responding to, anyway? It's pitch-dark in here!

    *stubs toe*

    Hmmm. The captcha word for this comment is "ratsup". That might be the most disgusting word I've ever heard...

    Hey look, a fly!

    *runs away, laughing and chasing fly*

  12. Gumby: Darn, you missed da fly.

    In all seriousness though, apparently my post on 3/21 somehow got lost in everyone's Google Reader. When I re-synced my feed, it apparently did something goofy and the only comments I got on it for two days were from people who have it bookmarked.


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