Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Querying We Will Go, A Querying We Will Go

I promise that this will be last post about my query letter for at least a couple of weeks, because I know you're just dying for me to talk about something a hell of lot less brain cell killing than my adventures in writing a query letter. And that Harry Callahan special that you have pointing at my blog along with my arm suddenly being jacked up behind my back has nothing to do with it either.

Anyways, buried deep (well, not too deep) in the comment form from last Wednesday's post was me trumpeting the fact that I finally finished my query letter. Basically what happened was that on the day of my last blog post about this issue, I found myself in much the same situation as the day before, which was trying to stay occupied without getting into trouble.

So once again, I whipped out my handy dandy teeny tiny notepad and began writing what I mentioned in my previous blog post: namely, how to work the rest of the book in with only about 75 words left to play with. And even though I suddenly got smacked with a late afternoon work blitz, I was still able to hang on to my train of thought and complete the second portion of my query letter.

As of Wednesday evening, I had a first draft of my query letter transcribed to the computer. On Friday, I decided to use a few hours of vacation time to catch up on some writing. However, one major pain in the ass thing happened on Thursday (ticket for not having a front license plate on my car. potential fine $117) that prevented me from doing anything constructive beyond writing a second draft of my query.

So now I have two drafts of my query letter. And I betcha can guess what I'm about to ask of you, right?

That's right. You're gonna follow me over to Partially Yours and offer your opinion/critique of both of my query letters. The first one clocks in at 233 words, while the second clocks in 229 words.

Many thanks for taking the time to do this. It is greatly and genuinely appreciated.


  1. I defer to your writer friends for the best choice. I just don't much about query letters. Good luck though, G.

  2. Lynn: I still value your opinion just the same, so let me ask you this:

    Would any of them make you want to see a sample chapter?

  3. I was only issued one plate, it was so long ago!

    Don't feel bad, I got 2 tix for my sticker so far, n still can't get one cause the rear facing sparkplugs can't be changed without $500 bux of work I don't have after paying tix with tax return money that I'd rather be paying the eledctric heat bill with. Can't win!

  4. Well may the force be with you on the query letter front G.

    Loved the Clint analogy by the way:)

  5. Snaggle: This one really irritates me because while I was sitting there patiently waiting for Officer Friendly write me the ticket (which took him 25 minutes to do) I saw at least a half dozen cars drive by without ont.

    Here in CT, they did away with the stickers as they made everything computerized, so now its mandatory to have two plates on your car.

  6. Jane: Thanks. I figure that even though this is my blog and I can talk about whatever, people were probably starting to get tired of me yapping about the same thing every week, so threatening myself was the next logical step. :D


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