Friday, April 15, 2011

The Circular Drainage Of Gray Chunks

I was sitting at my desk the other day trying to think of something light and airy and funny to write about for a post today, and would you believe that I had a tough time trying to think of a good topic not only to write about but a good tropic that I haven't previously worked to death until its bloated rotted corpse burst in the hot New Mexican sun and sprayed its contents all over the desert wildlife.

Then after re-reading the preceding run-on sentence, a thought that was previously unthought of, was thought about and viola violin cello and bass cello, the thought became no more of an unthought, but simply an unperson.

To whit:

Didja evuh have the problem of trying to think of a song, then start playing that song on your desk or steering wheel or leg? Then a few seconds later another song with a similar backbeat muscles its way in and screws everything up?

Well didja? You did? Isn't it annoying as being stuck listening to the Backyardigans while doing daycare?

In case you're wondering, the songs are "Dani California" and "Sweet Home Alabama"

'Course, this problem pales in comparison to having the kind of day where wigging out would make a seriously bad impression on the surrounding area. So what can you do to help stave off the potential wig out?


Yes, everyone likes cats. Even those who profess to hate cats can't argue with the fact that a cat, much like your friendly neighborhood bowzer, can instantly eliminate the need to wig out.

Don't believe me?

Click here.

Now doesn't that make you feel all warm and fuzzy?

Of course it does.

Know what else can make you feel all warm and fuzzy?'s post is G rated (as in the MPAA rating called G, not the rating by the blogger G, which would basically mean that everything is rated Raunchy), so if you want to play that game, then click here. Otherwise, keep on reading.

Making someone's day with a kind word will give you the warm fuzzies. Just imagine the look of surprise and the heartfelt tone of their words as they read (or hear) the nice thought that you verbalized for the entire world to read (or hear) about.

I tell ya, it gets me right there. 'Course, right there is after we take some antacid to kill the right there that gives us the right there to begin with. However, the right there can be something as pointless as Billy Crystal (you remember Billy Crystal, right? Soap, SNL, Fernando Lamas) doing his impersonation of Howard Cosell. Yanno, RIGHT THERE!

I liked his impersonation of Larry Holmes the best though...its hard to verbalize how funny his impersonations are, so we'll skip right to one of my favorite comedians while I was but a lad of my son's age: Steve Martin.

Yes, believe it or not, Steve Martin was a pretty funny guy. However, I couldn't find a good YouTube video of a classic comedy bit that he both wrote and performed called "The Cruel Shoes", so we'll skip this part of the post and move on to the next part of the post.

Well, it seems that the next part of the post is the end. Therefore, in keeping with the light hearted and incredible dopey way to start off your TGIF, I leave you with semi-obscure Connecticut musician Tom "T-Bone" Stankus and his semi-obscure "Existential Blues" (I say semi because the song was a cult fave on Dr. Demento in the '80's). The person in the video is not him, but this guy has got some serious stones and we should give him props for doing a fantastic job of lip syncing.


  1. "Stankus?" I think I may just have to listen

  2. great friday post!
    coincidentally, the *stuff it* post on partially yours is where i first commented on your blog i think...

    still love that post!

  3. Well there are so many things going on is this post that I'll just say that the title didn't encourage lunchtime reading, but yet, I read it anyway. :)

    My niece's father-in-law thinks "Sweet Home Alabama" should be the national anthem. They played it at the kid's wedding reception and he donned his University of Alabama cap. :) Those folks take their music and football seriously.

    I don't think it sounds like Dani California though. And I do love Steve Martin and cats.

    Have a great weekend, G.

  4. Steve Martin hasn't aged in 30 years. Then again 30 years ago he looked 65

  5. I miss having cats around the house. They are the best lil fuzzy wuzzies!

  6. I like my cats much more than most of the humans I meet. They're much more considerate, and smarter ;)

  7. Charles: Connecticut does have some colorful and fascinating musicians.

    The song, I think, is a classic piece of '80's psychedeclic pop that can be considered free form at its best. Draws from all kinds of things, including Steve Martin.

    Bruce: Thanks.

    It was one of my better pieces of raunch that I've written this year.

    Lynn: I intentionally wrote a rambling piece of free form nonsense but the title was a bit of problem to come up with.

    But I figured since a small percentage of my post titles have no connection with the topic of the post anyways, the title should accurately reflect the content of the post.

    Just the first dozen or so bars sound similar. Not note for note, but similar instrumentation.

    And you have a great weekend as well.

    Bearman: I think he looks like he's in his 70's. :D

    But I still want to pick up that CD of bluegrass that he came out with last year.

    S.R.: Cats do make the best warm fuzzies no matter what your state of mind is.

  8. My favorite Steve Martin bit:

    The Great Flydini. Just thought you should know.

  9. David: I will check it out, thanks.


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