Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I'm still having problems in trying to formulate another post about my second self-pubbed book, so I thought I would do something that I haven't done in a while.

Share an excerpt from my latest project Dandelion Tears.

To refresh everyone's memory, Dandelion Tears is a story about....ummm....a story thinks I should click on this link to refresh my memory. Me thinks also that I would heartily recommend everyone reading to click on that link as well.

So if everyone's memory is somewhat refreshed on what this story is all about, I will now try to fill in the gaps on what this excerpt is all about.

I've written only five chapters to this book so far (totalling 80 pages) and with this particular chapter, we are at the base camp for Fryja, the hunter sent by the Queen to retrieve Melanie's husband Jon and take him back to the pod.

This particular chapter opens up with Fryja waking up from a bad nightmare and puking her brains out (please don't ask me what the nightmare is about. I really didn't like writing it, but believe it or not, it helped unclog the brain for writing). A few more things happen: the imp helps her get cleaned up; crows help her get dressed; she makes love to her lobotomized boyfriend Jerry; she gets dressed again, (this time in her hunter's outfit) and heads back into the tent to either check on or fetch Jerry (wasn't sure of which when I wrote this), before she got to work on creating reproductions from the humans that she had for dinner. The excerpt starts when she's entering the tent.

A couple of things should be noted:

1} I decided that since Fryja's ethnicity wasn't white (I'm leaning towards mulatto), I needed a new name. After doing some research on war/military/death dieties, I came up with the name of Nyx.

2} I found out that Cerberus actually has a sibling called Orthus.

3} This excerpt is not for the squeamish nor the easily offended. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

4} The hunter's outfit that she is dressed in appears at the end of the excerpt. Again, it ain't for the squeamish.

5} Please remember that while you read this that this is only a work of fiction. No more and no less.


  1. I felt much less squeamish reading it the second time around. I like the name Nyx, too.

  2. M: That's good to know.

    On one hand, it's nice to know that I didn't make you squeamish. On the other, I didn't make you squeamish.

    I'm still having a hard time trying to restart this thing again. Will probably need to do something radical to jump start it over the weekend.

    I thought the name Nyx was pretty cool. I got to researching various ancient death deities, and this one seemed to be the best of them there. Especially since she's considered to be the mother of quite a few Roman death deities.

  3. I like the name change. It really works and gave me a much clearer of her. Of course, the outfit helped!

  4. Mama Z: Thanks.

    I originally picked the name because it belonged to a Scandinavian diety and at the time, it was part of the direction I wanted to go in.

    However, the deeper I got into the story and after studying a few notes I took on what kind of character I wanted, I realized a change was in order.

    As for the outfit, I wanted to keep it in the same vein as her current behavioral patterns would suggest (shades of cannibalism, etc.).


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