Friday, April 8, 2011

Get Tagged With Your Tag!

The other day (well, last Sunday to be exact) fellow blogger Bruce Johnson, who has the exact amount of blogs as I do (Bruce's Evil Twin, The Dreamodeling Guy, The Guy Book), plus a Facebook page for himself and his fantastic dog Tucker, tagged me with an award called The Versatile Blogger.

Which I thought was pretty cool, especially since I don't get tagged that often for any kind of an award or meme these days. However, the one requirement that needs to be fulfilled is something that I'm having a major problem in fulfilling.

What's the requirement?

Tell 7 things about yourself that people may not know.

You may now do the classic Cyber World laugh. If you feel embarrassed, I'll do it for you.


Yeah, I thought you would find that incredibly funny. For those of you who might be confused by this post so far, I will let you in on a public secret: For the past (almost) three years, one of the focal points of this blog has been yours truly. I have exposed about 96% of my life, be it from the real world or the cyber world, on this blog, with the remaining 4% never to see the light of day.

Because of that three year concentrated blanket attack on the general public, I had a very hard time trying to think of seven things that people don't know about me. However, lest you think that this is an insurmountable obstacle, you are very much sadly, hopelessly and perversely mistaken. Especially since I used a word that is the past tense of the word "have" in the opening sentence of this paragraph.

After spending some unhealthy air quality down time thinking about it, I came up with solution: Tell everyone seven things about myself as they apply to writing. So here now, in no particular order of importance beyond making a proper numerical list, are seven things about G the writer.

1} I have written 3 partial novels; 3 partial novellas; 1 complete novel; 1 self pubbed novel; 1 self pubbed chapbook; 3 medium-to-long short stories; 5 long short stories; 45 pieces of flash fiction; 5 incomplete short stories and 1 published story.

2} I have a thing about writing stories with either a strong female protagonist or a strong female presence. Of those 68 pieces of the written word, exactly eight do not feature any female characters, peripheral or otherwise.

3} I have experimented with writing in the following genres/themes: horror (not very well), new age (published), romance (not very good on the first attempt but getting better), western, humor, creative non-fiction, mindless fiction, spiritual, slice of life, softcore, hardcore, sci-fi/fantasy, world building and strange fiction.

4} I actually learned how to write by doing micro flash in the chat rooms for two years. You can now do that Cyber World laugh again. Or if you wish, I'll do it for you.


5} People have a problem reconciling G the blogger with G the writer, because G the writer has found his comfort zone by writing stories that contain lots of sex, lots of nudity, strong female protagonists and weak male protagonists. I should reiterate, LOTS OF SEX AND LOTS OF NUDITY. Which means...

6} As a personal rule, I can't write anything geared towards anyone under the age of 16. The only exception was my one and only published short story.

7} I have written a total of 498,639 words since December 2005. 500,655 if you count the query template and the synopsis I wrote for Line 21.

7a} This story by my daughter got more comments than any story that I've plastered on three of my blogs, or my published short story.

According to the rules of the award, I'm supposed to pass it on to a bunch of other bloggers, like 12 or 15 or something like that.

However, since I read a ton o' blogs and would have an exceptionally hard time in choosing the required amount, I have decided to take a page out of LL Cool Joe's Big Blog Book of Fun and simply say that to whoever would like to play along, please feel free to do so.


  1. I've done so many of these things now that I'm down to revealing things like, "I like beets. Cooked, not pickled." :)

    Have a great weekend, G!

  2. Hadn't seen your daughter's story before. Great job.

  3. Congrats, G! You are definitely a versatile blogger! And I'm fascinated that you know how many words you've written. I'd be scared to know my number! :)

  4. Lynn: I haven't done as many because quite frankly I don't have the kind of readership that participates in these awards/meme's to beging with.

    So when I do get tagged, it becomes a challenge in revealing new things about myself that I haven't done already.

    Bearman: I think it came out when you were on one of your much needed sabbiticals from the cyber world. Glad you think it was a good story.

    Talon: Thanks. I often wondered that same thing myself from time to time. Be interesting to see who else out there has written that many words (or more) or for that matter, be willing to sit down and go through each story to find out the word counts.

  5. You have knocked out a ton of words! Good for you, Mr. Writer. I think it's great that you try different genres and give it all a shot. Congrats.

    Thanks for your well wishes for my little one. - Kelly

  6. Kelly: Thanks. I mostly played with some of those genres while I was writing all those pieces of flash fiction a few years ago. Right now I've mostly settled into writing my fiction with a bit a fantasy thrown into the mix.

    And you're very welcome for the get well wishes. I know what its like to have a little one wiped out with a stomach bug and it ain't no easy thing for a child to go through.

  7. sweet...loved your daughters story too!

    thank you for playing along...

    sorry it took so long to get here...busy week guying it up!

  8. Bruce: You're more than welcome.

    It was a refreshing change of pace because even though I have a few pre-written posts lined up, I always want to end the week on a light-hearted/upbeat note, and this was the perfect fit.

  9. versatility is awesome! so is winning on sundays

  10. I'm impressed by the amount of writing you've done. It adds up, doesn't it!

  11. Ryan: Absolutely!

    I take it that your team did a series sweep this weekend? If so, congratulations.

    S.R.: Most definitely. Be interesting to see just how many words I've written for all of my blogs since 2008.


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