Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Thing That Other And This

How do.

Over at Shooting Suburbia we have the final post of the "My Neighborhood" series, and unlike the previous few posts, there is no really witty creative nonsense attached to the captioning.

Over here, we have a few random musings for a refreshing change of pace.

Musing #1

I got my first rejection this past week. Not that I was surprised because after I'd mailed it out, I did a little surfing of the Query Tracker website and found out that particular agent was in a top ten list of most queried agents. But it was interesting to get a badly copied form letter. I mean, I understand the need to streamline the process when you reject a particular writer's effort (heck, who hasn't developed a process to streamline a particular tedious issue) but a little effort in presenting a professional product can go a long way in leaving a decent impression on the rejected writer.

And as I like to frequently do, I try to keep a certain number of items circulating in whatever process I'm trying to do, which in this case is querying. So yesterday (4/8), I mailed out another query package to another agent, which make 4 queries back in circulation again. Interesting thing about this particular agent is that even though she does both snail mail and e-mail queries, she has a policy of "no response means no" when it comes to snail mail queries.

For further details, please check out my Submissions for Line 21 link. For those of you who are receiving this via the e-mail or reader, you'll have to click on through to access it.

Musing #2

As most of you know, I have a very eclectic blog reading list. Last week while I was perusing one of them, I came across this curious tidbit that I would like to share with everyone.

I'm sure that everyone has heard of that fantastic fun filled controversial website called "Wikileaks". Well, believe it or not, some jerk has created one for the adult entertainment industry called "Porn Wikileaks".

The person with this website apparently has such a low opinion of the adult entertainment industry that he/she is willing to risk serious criminal charges in order to get his/her point across. It's bad enough that this person is releasing the real names of the people who are/were performing in the business (thus potentially hurting the person who made the choice to participate in the business in more ways that you can probably imagine) but they're also releasing confidential medical information about those people as well.

Whatever your opinion of the adult entertainment industry may be, you will have to admit that releasing confidential medical information about a person is a criminal offense. Not only are there state laws banning the inappropriate use of confidential medical information but there are federal laws as well (all courtesy of HIPAA).

People make personal choices about a myriad of things every day, and choosing to work in the adult entertainment industry is about as personal as one can get. Why then should they be singled out for punishment for making a conscious and well informed decision that makes some people queasy?

It is indeed a sad thing where one's life can be destroyed simply because someone else doesn't agree with your choice of employment or lifestyle (although certain lifestyles are not by choice but by genetics).


  1. Very odd that anyone would think the clean, respectable world of porn would need a whistleblower service.

  2. it is a sad state of our society when we start dictating what we can do choose to do for a career because some find it offensive

  3. General comment: Even though my latest project touch upon the topic of reconciling a personal choice with one's personal values, this post was more in line with someone being incredibly vindictive than anything else.

    David: When I first heard about this issue (yes, I do read about things like this) I really didn't think much about it.

    But if you couple all of the stories about people being fired from there jobs for doing this stuff years ago because someone choose to inform (or leak) their superiors about what they did and this particular lunatic (in the article it does state that the person running this website is a delusional former porn actor) and his website, it does become a bit disconcerting.

    So it isn't really about being a whistleblower service as opposed to someone getting a perverse thrill out of sticking their nose where it doesn't belong and ruining a person's life.

    Bruce: Absolutely.

    Like it or not, the adult movie industry is a multi-billion dollar business that caters to a large segment of society. If you got it, why not use to your maximum advantage?

  4. G - Good luck with your submissions. It's a scray world out there. Porn? The word speaks for itself. You either like it or not. The industry will survive whatever.

    (Apologies for not getting over so much, mate.)


  5. David: Thanks.

    Unlike last time when I did this querying stuff, this time around I'm little more mature and a lot more patient and open-minded about the avenues that are now availiable to me that I can pursue while doing this.

    As for porn, it will survive, because like you say, either you like it or you don't.

    I just feel for the people who made a concsious decision to work in the industry having to put up with the fear of being found guilty without a trial, so to speak.

  6. It seems there is no end to the amount of nutters out there

  7. I saw the story about Porn Wikileaks and had the same reaction as you did...whatever happened to privacy?

  8. Nurse Myra: Absolutely.

    A person has a right to live their life however they seem fit. If they wish to share their body publicly, who are we to say otherwise?

    It bothers me when people get hypocritical and try to judge a person based on what they did previously, instead of looking at the overall picture.

    If you're bitter about your expirience, so be it. Just don't take your bitterness out on other people who are trying to make a living at the same type of business that you now despise.

    R: Unfortunately, I could not access the original website that I first heard about this, because they had a link to a blog whose owner is very much much involved in the adult entertainment industry. So I had to do a Google search.

    Strangely enough, the second I entered the phrase "Porn Wikileaks" instead of bringing up a list and a page of entries, it told me to hit enter.

    Go figure.

    People are so hypocritical about privacy nowadays it really is pathetic. I don't care what side of the political aisle you're on nor which way you swing, what a person legally does with their life is nobody's business except the person involved.

  9. I never understand any of that leaking stuff.

  10. Lynn: Some of it can be downright strange and incomprhensible to most people (like you and I) who don't move in the circles that the leaked stuff came from.

    But for the stuff that we can understand, it becomes disconcerting when other people can be harmed simply because the person doing the leaking has a misguided set of principles.


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