Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Alduce Me To Introlow Myslef (1)

Three years ago today at the exact time that this particular post pops up, a brand new blog entered the realm of creative nonfiction.

Called Cedar's Mountain it became the new home of the many random thoughts that were twirling around in my head back in 2008.

Some three years, five blogs and 817+ posts later, this blog has managed to outlast quite a few others that not only I used to read, but the owners made frequent comments on mine. In fact, some of those owners are still up on the wall as followers, mostly as a lasting reminder of people who for a short period of time, touched me in a particular way.

However, let us not dawdle on what was or what could've been. Instead, let us look at the here and now of today.

Today's post was supposed to contain a very special surprise for everyone and in fact, it was something I've been planning for the better part of three weeks. But as they say, all good intentions get squashed in a reality check, and mine is no exception.

The surprise I had for everyone was that you would actually not only see what I look like (like you haven't already at Shooting Suburbia), but for the majority of you (which is all but one person from blog land) would've gotten to hear my golden pipes for probably the first and only time here.

To quote Neil from The Young Ones, "Oh, have we got a video?"

Yes, you would've gotten a video.

Like I said, all good intentions get squashed with a reality check. I had asked my brother a couple of weeks ago to help me with it, and he agreed. And I even reminded him last week of it, and he still agreed. However, his memory ain't like mine, because on the weekend I wanted to do it, he had a wedding to attend. But, I had a backup plan that made itself known early last week, in the shape of my daughter's school recital. I managed to score a super cheapy video camera to use and I would film myself. Brilliant right?


Neophyte here, because when I went to use it this past Sunday, I couldn't. Why? Didn't know how to work it. Found out why I didn't know how to work later that Sunday night when my brother gave me a crash course on how to operate it.

Now that I got the crash course on how to use, the problem now is finding the when to use it. But, that problem is mine to ponder, fix, think, mull, muse, turn over, and smack around a couple of times. Hopefully sometime this week, I will bring you part two of this post in which you'll actually get to hear my golden voice and see me in recorded color.

And run screaming into the day (or night, depending on when you read this) afterwards.

Wait a minute, I just realized something (gotta love Tuesdays): I'm taking this upcoming Thursday and Friday off for a super long B-day/Memorial Day Weekend.


So you'll probably get this world premiere video of me on Friday.

Be very, very afraid.


  1. I'll be back for your video debut.

  2. Love the post title. :3
    And happy blog anniversary! :D

  3. David: Hope to see you there. Feel free to bring an old book to throw at the screen.

    PeaceLoveandSharpies: Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the good wishes.

  4. Happy blog anniversary!!

    Looking forward to the video!

  5. Joe: Thanks.

    Looking forward to trying to videotape myself without messing it up too too bad. :D

  6. Congratulations G:) Three years is a long time - and like you, I kinda feel a bit sad that some of my favourite bloggers have moved on...

    Looking forward to your debut though; curious to see what your going do/recite/talk about!A brave move though - I looked at myself on Youcam once, by accident, when I bought my new PC - that was enough to put me of that idea forever!!!

  7. R: Now I'm really scared. :D

    Jane: I wanted to do something special for my blog, especially since I've been mouthing off via the written word online since 2007.

    Three years is an eternity, especially for someone like me.

    Charles: Funny, I get the same comment from my co-workers as well whenever I tell them I'm doing something potentially detrimental to my well being. :D

  8. Lynn: Thankee young lady!

  9. Loved the vlog. And happy blogging anniversary. Your blog voice is genuine and keeps us all hopping back for more.

  10. Kelly: Thanks. I figure I would try to do something different for my anniversary.


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