Friday, May 6, 2011

Your Unofficial Guide To Home Tutoring (1)

Note: Today is post #650 for Cedar's Mountain. Can I get a classic Phil Rizzuto "Holy Cow!" from everyone?

I briefly alluded to in my last post that volatile period of my life (2007 thru early 2010) when I was a denizen of the chat rooms. Over that three year span I had met dozens of fascinating individuals, some of which managed to stick with me long after I'd left the chat rooms. One is a good blogging buddy of mine and the remaining, who number about 12, I have daily/weekly contact in Facebook.

One such individual is Dean Davis. Dean, who is the actual author of the series of posts that you're about partake in, is truly a one of kind of individual. A cool techie who has the ability to be a major thorn in the side of a few certain websites (both on the public and the private face of those websites), Dean is what I like to call the common man's answer to Jack Hanna. Dean has, for the past two dozen years or so, worked with all kinds of animals and reptiles and in fact, its one of his main jobs during the summer. Incredibly knowledgeable, he is a blast to learn from (he runs a company called Living World Ecology Center and if you click on the link, you'll be able to contact via the e-mail).

During the off season, his other job is tutoring the unfortunate students who have been removed from the public school system in the county where he lives. This job is where his incredibly twisted and incredibly pointed sense of humor comes out in all its gruesomely fantastic glory.

Because of that type of humor, while fantastic to read (he puts every other humor oriented blogger I've read to shame) would not quite fly on my main blog, for reasons that will become once you start reading the series. Thus, the entire series will be posted over at Partially Yours.

It is my sincere hope that you find what I'm about to post, as funny as I do (had tears rolling down my face and had my asthma kick in from laughing so hard).

And now, if you follow me (for those of you who can) two blogs down on the right, I present to you part one of "Your Unofficial Guide To Home Tutoring"


  1. That's really laughing hard if it made you have an asthma attack!

  2. Like the line "None have learning disabilities, they are all victims of neglect" ...or lack of discipline.

  3. Lynn: As I got further through the two part e-mail (totaling about 11 pages) the thing had me in stitches. Very rarely do I come across anything, be it in print, audio or video that's funny enough to make me turn red and have a asthma attack. I know it sounds pretty bad, but my attacks are pretty mild and it doesn't take me long to calm down enough to regain my breathing.

    Charles: This thing really blew me away. I never really thought that the flip side of having a zero policy could be so depressingly dangerous.

    Bearman: Very much the combination of the two. Sad to think that there's a large percentage of parents who really don't give a F about their kids.

  4. Holy cow is right! I will go check it out. TGIF!


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