Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Knock, Knock....Knock?

Shows you what kind of week I'm having: this post was written about 14 hours ago because I completely forgot about the fact yesterday was Tuesday and today was coming up and I had nothing on tap.

Nada. Zip. Zilcho.


Well, the honest truth is that I was mentally writing a post for Friday, which will feature content from one of the few people that I still maintain heavy contact with from my chat room days. This person's sense of humor is so wicked, so biting, so insightful that I daresay it puts everyone else to shame. But more about that on Friday.

Today is Writing Wednesday, and on Wednesday, I'm supposed to blog about writing. Problem is, I have nothing really meaty to write about. But I do have some randomy snippets that I can insert that will fulfill the basic requirement of 0% nutritional value and 100% junk food value.

1} Nacho Supreme from your favorite Mexican eatery, aka Line 21. Received another form letter rejection, this time from the Nancy Yost Literary Agency. Professionally done, I might add. Haven't sent out any more yet because I'm looking to hit small publishers this time around and I need to do a little research. Small publishers might take a little longer to do, simply because some do not accept simultaneous submissions, so for this particular round, I want to concentrate on those who accept simultaneous submissions.

2} Extra Large Pizza with Everything x2, aka Dandelion Tears. Remember when I said that I was finally able to channel my anger into my writing and thus jump start my writing again? Bullshit. Over the weekend, the aggravation from this past Friday reared its ugly head, so when I decided to sit in front yard and partake in the excellent weather, what did I do? Did I write? Hell no! I got everything at the ready, took out my pen and paper, took one look at the birds congregating in my front yard......and promptly took a nap.

Twice. Once on Saturday and once on Sunday. By the time I finally got around to putting pen to paper, it only lasted fifteen minutes as the family returned home from camping. Thus, peace and quiet effectively destroyed and with it, any intention of writing shot to pieces as well. I did manage to write exactly four paragraphs spread out over two pages. Yippee. I should add that I'm doing a monster edit because I belatedly decided to give a certain character a name, so again, yippee.

3} Jello shots with your favorite beer, aka other kinds of writing. I had some time on my hands this past week, so naturally I started freestyling a short story, with the intent of posting it on my other blog. Got about a page and a half handwritten completed. In keeping with the general theme of wayward clergyman (sorry Gumby, you weren't the inspiration for this one) that I seem to be enamored of, this one features a twenty-something who looks like he just got back from one of those 48 hour parties (yeah, you remember those parties, right?). My friends, this has the makings of being one truly butt ugly soon as I can get around to finishing it. At the moment, I have him swaying behind the pulpit with flask of tequila in his hand to refresh his morning espresso while jamming to an I-pod.

4} Waking up on a strange couch with two beautiful women under your arms and having no idea how it happened, aka bloggng. Well, blogging is looking purty good so far. Got an idea for my 3 year anniversary this month. That's right, I said 3 years. Anyways, it remains to be seen if I can pull it off, or even do it for that matter.

5} Waking up on a strange couch with three beautiful women, two under your arms and one resting her head on your stomach. Suddenly, the one resting on your stomach snuggles up and her head is now resting between your legs. You look down and realize that although this doesn't seem right, it certainly feels right, so....I'm glad it's Hump Day.

Aren't you?


  1. Now, I'm hungry man. And it's not even 10 in the morning.

  2. Love that image of him swaying behind the pulpit with a flask of tequila. Got my interest!

  3. I've been a bad blogger and a worse visitor of late so I get where you a re coming from.

  4. Charles: Then I did my job correctly. :D

    Kelly: Thanks. The younger generation is always a blast.

    Travis: I'm still there to a certain degree. After a pretty bad month at work, I've been slowly working myself back into the swing of things.

  5. LOL G! Happy blog-o-versary. Now I want some nachos. For the record, I have never woken up with anyone's head in my lap (or vice versa.)

  6. R: Imagine all the good times that you probably missed in some way, shape or form. :D

    Thanks. Can't believe it'll be three years this May 24th.

  7. I've been really slow at blogging lately myself- n never stick to a rigid schedule anyhow.
    Funny how you compared your stuff to food-
    I want to be you napping in the sunshine, but all my free days haven't had any!
    Jello shots story sounds good!
    Making Blogiversary plans? I have none, n my 6th year is here May 9... Thanks for reminding me!
    Weds is Day Off for me...

  8. Snaggle: I don't like dry writing, be it my own stuff or someone else's, so I thought I would spice it up by inserting some old time faves of mine.

    I have something in the works, but I have to see if a particular someone is available to help me do it.

    Usually my blogiversary falls in the same week as my b-day, so I'm sure I'll do something strange for that week like I did last year.

  9. Any strong emotion is usually a good impetus for a story. :-) Happy Three Years Blog-versary.

  10. Jewel: This is true. However, right now I'm trying to balance that strong emotion with nuanced writing. I have a tendency to really run rampant with a strong emotion when I write, so I've been working on trying to harness that emotion so I don't come off as a unbalanced writer.

  11. Happy Three Years Blog-versary!!

    With your blog posts I often find myself focusing in one part, so to speak, and the rest becomes a to speak.

    I need to rest on the couch...

  12. Joe: Thanks.

    I try to give just enough information to create a pleasurable headache for my readers.

    Glad to see that it's working so well. :D


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