Friday, May 20, 2011

Your Unofficial Guide To Home Tutoring (3)

I am not here today (well, only the words that popped out of my brain that you're about to read are here) but over at the anti-Cedar's Mountain, Partially Yours.

Today's installment is once again brought to you by my very good friend Dean Davis who, if he was a teacher when I was in school, probably would've made school a helluva lot more enjoyable for me.

Also, you'll find a link to part 2 that Blogger ate up for a snack a week ago, because as you know, I don't post without telling people I'm not gonna post.

Also, please note the following warning:

Do not, under any circumstances, read this post while eating. Reading this post while eating will probably in a best case scenario, make you queasy for the rest of the day, worst case scenario, make you salute the porcelain Gods right where you sit.

Duly noted on this day, May 20, 2011, a proper and legal warning was given for the post over at Partially Yours by this post here on Cedar's Mountain.

Enjoy chewing it back!


  1. Damn! I not only read it while eating - I read it before I saw your post here. Fuckety fuck fuck! :)

  2. M: Gotta remember I'm one of those thoughtful bloggers who is always looking out for the mental health of his readers.

    Or in this case, their stomachs. :D

  3. David: I try to be.

    I've learned ago that to simply go for shock value and nothing else, really doesn't do anything for you in the long run.

    But if I take the time to let people know that something on my blog might be offensive, at least I've given them the opportunity to opt out and not read it.


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