Sunday, May 22, 2011

Picture Me Stoked

Well, not really, since I don't have anything that tops last Sunday's eye popping good news. However, because it is Sunday, I regret to inform you that I have survived the Rapture because gosh darn it, God in his/her infinite wisdom has dubbed me and 99 1/2% of the rest of the world worthy of living to the end of our existence, whenever that end may be.

Because I survived the Rapture (emotionally, spiritually, mentally and most importantly, financially), I must of course give thanks by offering up the final chapter of The Spirit Took Flight And Touched The Canopy Of Life for your enjoyment.

And now, I leave you to your own devices, because having survived the Rapture has left me in a state of flux, I must dig out those wicked sermons on penguin lust as delivered by Fundamentally Oral Bill.

While I'm experiencing those sermons from one of my favorite bible thumpers, I leave you with the 100% original and non-harmful version of The Rapture:


  1. Ha I've been to quite a few blogs in the last day featuring this song and video.

    We are all survivors, but for how long....

  2. David: She certainly was. One of the few survivors from that period of New Wave that I still enjoy.

    Joe: I tried to hold off as long as I could, but you know, it seemed appropriated, with the doomsday prediction and the series of posts I have at my picture blog.

    For how long? Next year when the Aztec calendar ends.

  3. I love Blondie. BTW, they figured out that the Aztec calendar had been misinterpreted, so apparently we're safe until 2058 ;)

  4. I never even thought of this song but it makes perfect sense. I like it. of course, it makes absolutely no sense.

  5. R: Blondie is one of my few New Wave bands from my high school years that I still listen to. 2058? Well, I'm good then. My expected death date, according to is 2038.

    Charles: Sometimes the best songs we like make absolutely no sense. Tis the beauty of music.


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