Sunday, June 19, 2011

Picture Me.....Pictured

I'm not here (am I ever here? good philosophical question to discuss amongst yourselves), I'm over at Shooting Suburbia today.


Happy Father's Day to my dad.

You are missed.


  1. Happy Father's Day, G.

    (I know that feeling of missing my dad today.)

  2. David: And a very Happy Father's Day to you as well.

    Yeah, it seems that my dad was the perfect person to keep my mom in check from time to time.

  3. Happy Father's day to your Dad! And Happy Father's day to you too G! Yep I've been celebrating here in the UK too. :)

  4. To all the good fathers in the world.

  5. Happy Father's Day! I can definitely see the resemblance. And he looks like he had a wicked sense of humor, like you.

  6. Joe: Thankee. And a very happy Father's day to you as well.

    Bearman: Absolutely. To all the good fathers, be they male or female, a very Happy Father's Day.

    R: His sense of humor was rather dry and a bit analytical.

    And thankee. :D

  7. Hope you are blessed with many wonderful memories. And create many wonderful memories for your kids. A good father is a treasure above almost any others

  8. Darth: Thanks. And I agree with your last statement, a good father is definitely a treasure above all others.

  9. I think your Dad looks like a very friendly guy in the pic!

    I think the worst part about father'as Day is missing the missing Dad...

    Hope yours was good due to being one!

  10. Snaggle: It was his passport photo, which was the only picture that we found for his later years that didn't show him ill that we could use for his wake.

    It was pretty decent, all things considering.


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