Monday, June 20, 2011

Scrapple. The Meat Market's Ultimate Revenge

No, no meat oriented post today. I leave that to the professional. Scrapple is the meat market's equivalent of a random musings post, which is what this post will contain.

Scrapple for the brain. Scrapple for the soul.

1} When the doctor says that the pungent smell is simply the end result of cauterization, he neglects to remind you that not only does the smell stay with you for the rest of the day, but it makes eating food a bit of an adventure as well.

2} One of the things that irritate me about most websites is when videos, be it for a story (i.e. ESPN) or a product, automatically starts up when you go to the website or story and happen to move your mouse over the video in question.

3} However, they've gotten more insidious, because if you think that not using your mouse will stop it, it don't. You can be using your up and down and left and right arrows and those annoying videos will still pop up and play.

4} Bullying is everywhere and it's not limited to just children, teens or people who are gay. Take politics for example. Our esteemed guv'nor is trying to apply the bullying tactics that he used on the local level (former mayor he is) at the state level. He says that if we (as in rank and file) don't approve the concession package, he will lay off 7,500 employees. Union says that if we make any kind of comment on our ballot (we are voting this month on concessions) in addition to our vote, our vote will become null and void. My friends, if you remember all the crap that has gone on since 2009 on the national level because the president and senate majority are of the same party, the exact same kind of stuff (pushing through any and all kinds of legislation because the majority party doesn't have to include the minority party in order to get things accomplished) is going on in our state. Did I mention that the SEBAC coalition has filed a lawsuit against the Yankee Institute (a conservative think tank), claiming that they were behind an alleged smear campaign to get the rank and file to reject the concessions package?

5} If you remember from last week, I had bitched about this experience with Sprint. Last Wednesday (6/15), I got a phone call from Sprint stating that I should be getting a refund check for $10 in about two weeks. Hooray, customer service isn't quite dead after all, it's merely comatose.

6} It's been about three weeks since I've given up on using my Google reader to read all the blogs that I follow (105+) and I couldn't be happier. Between subscribing to your blog with your RSS feed and the e-mail, I've had an absolute blast in not having Google drive me insane whenever I attempt to read your blogs. Who would've thunk that Microsoft, Hotmail and Yahoo would make certain things in my online life so much easier to handle. I'll still keep my blog on Blogger, because as much as I like reading blogs on WordPress, I really don't want to change where I excise my demons three to four times a week.

7} Three of the four books that I'd ordered from B&N have come in: Blood Hunter by Sidney Williams; The Devil At Large Erica Jong on Henry Miller; and Beat To A Pulp, Round 1 edited by David Cranmer and Elaine Ash. The fourth one, Night Brothers by Sidney Williams, has not come it yet. Whereas the preceding three arrived within a week of ordering, the fourth is reaching for the back end of the estimated 4 to 14 business days for delivery (item was shipped/mailed on 6/7). Should be interesting to see if it shows up this week, and it should be interesting to see if I have to make contact with the seller over this lack of arrival.

8} Well, there originally was gonna be a eighth, in the form of what music I'd finally ordered from Amazon, but since it wound up being a bit of an adventure in ordering my stuff and I'd started remembering all kinds of interesting factoids about the c.d.'s in question, I'd figure it would be best to make it a stand alone post for later in the week.


  1. You'll enjoy those Sidney Williams books. Night Brothers is really good.

  2. Sounds as if you have lots of good reading ahead of you, G. I'll look forward to the music post.

    I just got an iPod Nano and have loaded about 400 songs on it now - it makes it so much easier to get through those long walks I'm taking.

  3. Scrapple makes me shudder... I just can't eat stuff like that. I don't have a problem with random blog posts, but random food products?? No thanks... :)

    And I hate those stupid pop-up videos, too -- so annoying...

  4. Charles: I'm sure I will. I'm always willing to give a seldom read genre (in this case, horror) a second chance.

    Lynn: I do at that. I intend to a little more reading this summer than I've done in the previous summers, and these books seemed to be just the right length to keep me occupied.

    As for the music post, it should be interesting at the very least.

    Lisa: I thought it was pretty nasty when a co-worker told me what it was when I happened to ask him about it when we were having a casual conversation.

    Then again, Armour used to commercially sell horsemeat to the masses, so...:D

  5. Let me know what you think of the Erica Jong book. Cauterizing = eep!

  6. R: Most definitely. I haven't read much in the way of biographies, so I'm pretty curious as to what Henry Miller is all about.

    Not so much 'eep' if you think back to ye olden days when in the heat of the battle that's what the soldiers/settlers did to temporarily stop the bleeding.

  7. I can't remember what life was like before Google Reader. How could I ever live without it? Then again I only follow around 20 blogs. I think with any more than that it would get overwhelming.

  8. S.R.: The main problem I have with Google reader is that when they'd recently improved it, when you sorted everything by oldest post, instead of sorting through say the previous 24 to 36 hours, it took every blog that had a new post and sorted that blog by the oldest post going back 30 days.

    And if you sorted by new, it kind of loses the flavor. Sort of watching the last episode of a mini-series and going backwards.

  9. Mama Z: They go beyond driving me nuts. When I go to one website, I have one that automatically starts up for an oil company and I can never find where that stupid video is to shut it off, so I often have to leave the website and go back in to the home page in order to get rid of it.


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