Sunday, June 12, 2011

Picture This Randomly

"I'm feeling mighty low."

As said by a construction worker to Bugs Bunny, after Bugs had turned him into chopped liver.
Yeah, this weekend is shaping up to be just that bad.

How bad?


Today's post over at Shooting Suburbia is beyond a shadow of a doubt, one of the worst posts I've created for that blog in the past 57 weeks. Read it if you dare and afterwards, say to yourself, "I agree, a 2nd grader could've done a better job.


Got my Sprint phone bill a few weeks ago and saw much to my consternation that Sprint cashed my check for the wrong amount. Went to the bank yesterday to confirm that in spite of the fact that I printed the dollar amount out (been doing this since 1997) on the check, they cashed it for $10 more. And gave me the credit on my bill. So being the pleasant sort of fellow who can make any and all customer service reps look like a first grader with bad comprehension skills, I called up and spent 35 minutes talking to three different people about wanting my $10 back. End result? An investigation was opened and maybe I'll get my $10 redeposited into my checking account. Maybe. But they were willing to offer me a $10 credit on my account, which I politely told them to shove it between their collective cheeks, and I'm not talking about the ones located on the face.

However, not all was doom and gloom, although I'm setting the bar down to the height of a grasshopper in order to find a small ray of sunshine. Two of the four books that I'd ordered from B&N came in last week:

Blood Hunter by Sidney Williams
The Devil At Large: Erica Jong on Henry Miller

Still waiting for the other Sidney Williams book "Night Brothers" and of course, the supersized collection edited by the talented David Cranmer.

So far, I have to say that I'm very impressed with the customer service not only from B&N but from the sub-vendors that I'd bought the used books from: Wayne's World of Books Arizona (Blood Hunter) and Wonder Book (Erica Jong). If you can't afford new, check these out for used and hard to find.


  1. Frankly, I can't remember the last time that I was impressed with customer service of any kind!

  2. Mama Z: In all honesty, the amount of times that I had good customer service I can count on one hand.

    For my entire adult life. In the past year though, I've had good customer service at Big Lots, Norton Software, USPS and my local bank.

  3. Geez! That sucks. Hope it gets better.

  4. R: Well, it certainly can't get no worse.

  5. We've bought used textbooks for a couple college courses through B&N at a mere fraction of the book's full price, and the quality has been amazing, practically like-new condition. I definitely give them my vote.

  6. Joanne: For the longest time I thumbed my nose at buying used books. I had no problem buying music used but books were a different story.

    Now that money is perpetually tight, it makes sense to stretch out my dollar as much as possible.

    And considering how much college textbooks can go for, buying used is definitely a godsend.


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