Friday, June 10, 2011

Your Unofficial Guide To Home Tutoring (5)

I is next door today. Please join me, will you?

Warning: The content of today's post may make your stomach just a tad more queasy than normal. Eating while reading this strong discouraged.


  1. I'm on a break eating as we speak, so I'll wait until I get home. Thanks for the warning :)

  2. Well that queasiness warning just makes you want to go right over and read that, G! :) Nevertheless, I clicked the "next door" button, but the disclaimer thing was on, so since I am at work, can't risk it.

  3. Meet at the library next time.

  4. R: I always care about the digestive system of my readers, so if I can prevent even one person from Ralphing, then I did my job.

    Lynn: I keep forgetting that sometimes you peruse my blog at work. But yes, sometimes a warning like that automatically makes you want to check it out.

    Bearman: Meeting at the library is so pedestrian sometimes. Now if it was at a park or a ballgame, well...

  5. My stomach is always queasy at the moment, whether I'm eating or not, so perhaps I'll pass on this post mate.

  6. Joe: Not a problem.

    Sometimes what one person can find funny (in a gross-out humorous sort of way) another can't.

    So I always take that in consideration whenever I post something that could potentially gross people out in a bad way.


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