Monday, June 27, 2011


Hi gang!

Small problem. I'm not sure if I have an original thought provoking and possibly entertaining post for you today. This is due to the fact that not only did I spend last week playing catchup at work (which is why the posts of 6/20 thru 6/24 were written two weeks ago) but last week also featured the following escapades:

1} Stitches removed this week.
2} Son's graduation on Thursday.
3} Son's graduation party on Saturday.
4} Family friend celebrating her 80th birthday with a monster picnic blowout at the other town park called Churchill Park on Sunday

So naturally, I chose not to write any new blog posts last week for this week, which is why you didn't see anything at Shooting Suburbia this past weekend. Which left me with the predicament of what to do for Monday, since I'm well known for not skipping posting days just for the hell of it. While I was sitting at my computer two Saturdays ago (18th) feeling very blue (long private story that will stay just that), I tried to think of something that was somewhat upbeat and non-aggravating to write about.

Problem was, I couldn't think of anything really upbeat and non-aggravating to write about. The only thing that I did come up with was the scintillating idea of what I mentally write in my head while I'm out walking on Saturdays to do my morning errands. Which really wouldn't amount to much, so that idea quickly fell by the wayside.


Back to the drawing board I went, and unfortunately, spent the rest of that afternoon shooting blanks. Which brings us back to the problem of what to write for Wednesday, because in all seriousness, this post has turned into one big steaming pile of festering goo.

Oh well, I'll think of something to write for Wednesday. Not sure what it'll be, because this week my attention will be greatly diverted to the act of house sitting/animal sitting/teenager sitting. Why?

Because wife, mother and child are going to Sturbridge for a dance competition that will occupy their time right through the July 4th weekend.



  1. You've got lots of quiet time for great inspiration there on the mountain this week ... Those blocks of time feel like a gift sometimes, don't they? Happy writing :)

  2. Heck - I'd run with that and listen to really loud music and eat food that is bad for you. :)

  3. You have a fabulous blog! I’m an author and illustrator and I made some awards to give to fellow bloggers whose sites I enjoy. I want to award you with the Best Books Blog Award for all the hard work you do!

    I invite you to follow me, if you haven’t already done so, since we have a lot in common, but no pressure. I’m not giving you the award just so you will follow me. You really do deserve it!
    Take care:-)

    Go to and pick up your award.


    Since you are an avid reader I was wondering if I could interview you and get your insights into the books you enjoy.

    I'm also looking to interview published authors (agented, self published, small press, etc.) to find out what they wrote and what the pathway to publishing was like for them.

    Let me know if you are interested in being interviewed and I will send over the questions you can fill out at your leisure. My email address is Guidedhope (at)gmail(dot)com.

  4. Whenever I don't have a post I talk about books, something I seem always to have something to spout out about. Sometimes the old gray matter just doesn't go anywhere. Thanks for stopping by Ashedit's blog.

  5. Joanne: To a degree, they definitely do. Last week was just so gummed with appointments and events that I really didn't have the time or patience to do any kind of writing, either for the blog or for my latest project.

    Hopefully I'll try to find that block during the evening hours this week.

    Lynn: I basically did just that. The fortunate thing is that the bad food and loud music (or is it loud food and bad music) will continue this week. :D

    Deirdra: Thanks for stopping by.

    As much as I am flattered by the award and offer, I will have to give it some careful thought. I'm not quite that published, in that I only have two self-pubbed books and two short stories under my belt.

    Same goes for the type of books that I read as well. If I'm interested, I will contact you.

    Charles: I may be doing the book thing on Wednesday. I have a pic from the current series on Shooting Suburbia that I'm saving for a "Forgotten Book" post, and I might write about that.

    Also might do a review or two of the books that I'd recently ordered from B&N.

    And your more than welcome for the drive by at Elaine's. When I like someone's writing, I have a tendency to make my opinion known.

  6. Mama Z: Two weeks ago, I had another cyst and some scar tissue from a previous surgery (2009) removed. Unfortunately, some excavation was involved (surgery took about 45 minutes to perform), thus stitches were needed to close the wound.

  7. You know, you can always run the evil guest post ;)

  8. R: True, I could do that.

    However, I've fallen behind on the current series of guest posts, so I got that lined up for Friday.

    I could write about my current misadventures with the chat rooms yet again, but frankly, I'm just fed up with the chat room shit that some people like to play in.

  9. Chat rooms sound pretty creepy to me

  10. Nurse Myra: having spent a little over 3 1/2 years in the chat rooms, I can definitely agree with your assessment.

  11. I've driven home from MB's years ago on Route 20 in Sturbridge. A pretty place. But much used to be- You've heard about that monster tornado which tore thru Brimfield n Sturbridge the 19th of May I believe?
    MB drives for MA for work- n passed thru last week. She was struck by about the quarter mile wide area of destroyed, broken foliage in that area!
    Wonder if it will affect the scenery of your family's outing-

    I almost never plan posts- except Rypos- just shot another off my hip today too.

    Good luck losing the noise- I'd like to shoot 2 ice cream truck drivers myself... n it;s just beginning!

  12. Snaggle: I don't think so. Most of the time will be spent in classes and competitions so some stuff won't be done until later in the afternoon/early evening.

    I always plan my posts in advance. Makes it easier so that I can do other things without worrying about maintaining the blog 24/7.


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