Friday, July 8, 2011

I Gots Ramblin' On Mys Mind And Happy Feets Fo My Shpirit!

Considerin' it's Friday and the start to yet another lost weekend, because the band was too slick and the people were twisted.

So I followed my heart's desire and asked why me? There must be a thousand other guys and there must be a way to look good in your eyes.

But if I did look good in your eyes, would you hold it against me, or would you tell me to shove off because it's four oh three and you can't sleep without him next to you. Furthermore, what about him? You'll have do without him or do without me. Or at least, without my pina colada which I won't get caught in the rain without.

I tell ya, the things we do for love, is simply taking care of business, if not every day, then it surely does get closer because love is a little stronger.

So tell me, did Venus blow your mind?
In case your brain is already shutting down in anticipation of a fantastic and relaxing weekend, the following artists were used in the preceding little ditty:

Train; 10cc; The Guess Who; Buddy Holly; Rupert Holmes, Shinedown; Planet P; The Tubes
Yes, it's the return of free form nonsense. What's free form nonsense, you might ask? Free form nonsense is when I have nothing of reasonably intelligent consequence to write about, so I create a bit of nonsense from the plethora of information that is stored in my tiny little head.

What? You think it's easy to write like someone who inhaled way too much alcohol and funny cigarettes? takes talent, chutzpah, a vacant mind, platinum balls, a huge ego, killer self-esteem and no compunction in putting one's self on a pedestal so that people can mercilessly berate you for your so-called "talent".

Anyways, I gets hot flashes of free form nonsense from time to time. The major problem that I have when I decide to act on those hot flashes (no, not shades of menopause, thank you very much), is that I often act on them when I don't have enough time to do them justice.

F'r instance, the freebie that opened this post was first written with about fifteen minutes left to my morning breakfast before I had to get ready for work. For most people, fifteen minutes is more than enough time to write a blog post. Since I'm not like most people, I usually have to take an ungodly amount of time to completely work through that creative urge....In, out, up, down....otherwise if I stop myself prematurely, not only do I lose the rhythm, but I lose that creative urge as well.

Deflated one might say. Flaccid another might say. Jack of all trades and a master of no domain.

What do you expect for nothin'? Certainly not your chicks for free. Unless you're into meat, then we have just enough juice to flavor those chicks. Then maybe, just maybe, your chicks might be free.

Man oh man. Free chicks. Flavored with juice.


Anyways, it seems that I milked the last part of the post for all of the inside jokes that I could think of that would be even remotely associated with me and this blog. Perhaps, some day, or more realistically, later this evening, I'll elaborate on just what it was I was thinking about when I wrote the last part of this post.

Unless, of course, you've already beaten me to the punch (not that I'm into that kind of thing, the Marquis I ain't) and figured out what the heck the topic of discussion I was chewing on while I was drinking my coffee.

Unless I was drinking milk.

From a baby bottle.

Then I certainly wouldn't be chewing.

I'd be blowing away a few dandelion tears instead.


  1. I'm feeling a bit Lost Highway on this one. Did I stumble into a David Lynch film?

  2. Hey I spy some of the evil green stuff in your header.

  3. It took me a minute, but I recognized the look of song lyrics there. :)

  4. Charles: I like that comparison.

    Could be David Lynch, or more likely, my fertile brain mining the various things that I've written about in my blog over the past year.

    As well as the underlying theme of my writing.

    Travis: Forgive me, but coleslaw is my one and only leafy green weakness. I shall do penance by buying a 100% all pure beef burger sans any leafy green stuff from said restaurant.

    Lynn: Glad you were still alert when you read this. :D

  5. I must use the phrase "hot flashes of free form nonsense" in a sentence sometime soon.

  6. R: I do come up with some doozies, don't I?

  7. I knew that was songs right away! Rather clever, I think. Also I really like your flag pic for the 4th below.
    I used to really like Pina Coladas! n that song "If you like Pina Coladas, ... If you like making love after midnight, on the dunes of the Cape..." Thanks, now I can't get it off my brain- the guiter lead- you knoe how "One thing, one thing leads to an-o-o-o-ther..."

    I like Random Ramblins sometimes, because it brings up alot of stuff you didn't know it would.

  8. Snaggle: Thanks.

    I really do enjoy going off on those musically warped tangents. Sort of like a carthesis for the crappy week I've had.

    Ah yes, The Fixx. Now that is an annoying guiter lead.

  9. David: Thanks.

    Now if I could only harness this energy to my regular writing, then I wouldn't be in the funk that I'm currently sitting in...


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