Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pictured Me Knackered

So I'm taking a leisurely siesta underneath the golden desert cacti sitting next to my humble adobe today. I gots my tequila, my beach chair, and my little kiddie pool to keep me calm, cool and cliched.

While I may be dreaming of juice and making out in a dark hallway, I haven't forgotten about you. For its you, you, only you and I know what I want and I'm sure I can get it.

But if I can't see my way clearly now even though the rain is gone, at least the obstacles are out of my way. Which allowed me to not only write this short piece of free form nonsense featuring lyrics to songs that I've forgotten two of three titles to (the one remembered: "Down" by 311), but will allow me to say that my daughter skated to "Cotton Eyed Joe" Saturday and won a gold medal.

Oh  yeah, one more thing: A brand new series at Shooting Suburbia called, "Now This Is Winter In Connecticut!"



  1. Well done to your daughter!! Cotton Eyed Joe always goes down well at a kids disco. :D

  2. Joe: Thanks.

    That song is so overkilled at sporting events that for the longest time I couldn't listen to it. But once I heard a slower version of it from the movie "Places In The Heart" it made it tolerable again.

    Red-Nex did an updated version for 2002 that has about 10 million hits on it, but I like this one better.

  3. Wow - good job to her. I know you were proud. A gold medal - wow.

  4. Lynn: Thanks. She usually places in the top three for her competitions, but I'm proud of her no matter where she finishes.

  5. While I may be dreaming of juice and making out in a dark hallway, I haven't forgotten about you.

    *Evil grin.*

  6. R: I am good, ain't I?

    Or, to quote that great philosopher Bugs Bunny:

    Ain't I a stinker?

  7. Congrats to your daughter, man. That's purty cool.

  8. Charles: Thankee.

    Lots of talent she has. Some day it may rub off on me. :D

  9. Congratulations to your daughter! She sounds like a very talented girl! :)

  10. Lisa: Thanks.

    She definitely is. Wish I could be that talented in two distinct arenas like she is (dancing and figure skating).

  11. add another voice to the cacophony of congratulations.

    And if she ever runs into a better skater, I do know where Tonya Harding lives. Just sayin'


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