Sunday, August 7, 2011

Picture Me Humorless

Hard to believe that there might be a post on this blog where I would be 100% humorless.

"Shocking!" some might say.

"Say it isn't so!" others would definitely say.

"May you be downwind of a spitting camel that just finished eating fifty pounds of fetid slop." Carnac might say upon hearing that I would be humorless today.

I know, it's really hard to believe that I'm humorless today. But dang it, the doctor said that my humors needed to be drained because they were affecting my health, vitality, and most importantly, my sense of right and wrong. But after spending a half hour having all kinds of impure blood drained from my veins, I feel remarkably better.

Except for that pale white skin with the blue tinge that my body turned into.

Anyways, while I'm trying to figure out how to accentuate that blue tinge and white skin (I think that the gothic look might be coming back), please enjoy this final installment of "Now That's Winter!" over at Shooting Suburbia today.


  1. You failed. I found plenty of humor here.

  2. Travis: Golly gee gosh darn. I was trying so hard to be esoteric with my post, but I guess that you'll be the only person who actually understood what I'd posted. :D

  3. R & Joe: Okay, two more people who get my strange sense of humor.


  4. I would call you a Greek but you might miss the r in the word...

  5. Darth: Moi? Miss the "r"? Not me...but if you insist on calling me a geek, then I'll have you know that I was very good at an old board game from the 80's called, "Geeks, Dweebs & Weirdos".

  6. Yes - there is a little humor. :) I hope all is better soon, G. And I am sort of looking forward to winter.

  7. Lynn: Nothing really wrong to begin with. Sometimes I like dipping very deep into the dark recesses of my mind to see what kind of strange nuggets I can pull out from the vast library of knowledge that I've accumulated over the years.

    And I don't know about looking forward to winter. I got so badly smacked by it earlier this year that I would rather be stuck in months of humidity that go through another winter like that.

  8. You sound like you need more leeches! Nothing like a good bleeding to cure what ails you.

  9. Gumby: True, but too much of our slimy friend the leech, and I could turn into one those unbalanced zealots that you like so much.

    Congrats on understanding the medical history lesson.

  10. I found a bit of humor here, as always :)

  11. Kelly: Thanks.

    Sometimes my humor can be a bit high brow. :D


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