Monday, August 8, 2011

Psycho Puppy Dogs!

Because I'm still partaking in a well deserved long weekend (like, until late Tuesday morning), I decided to be lazy today and post a four pack of videos (clocking in under a total of four and a half minutes) featuring my daughter Jenelle and four little chihuahuas: Chi-Chi, Ryder, Oreo and Hershey.

Hopefully this will be the perfect antidote to your Monday.



  1. Is that tennis ball actual size...haha j/k

  2. Those little dogs are the best!

  3. Bearman: Yup. Actual size.

    Charles: Don't I know it. I don't try to do things like this to the blog, but considering all but one of these puppy dogs will be going to new homes, I decided to geamt something while they were still here.

    ExtraO: Absolutely! Everytime I go into the room, they attack my shoes and/or shoelaces.

    Lynn: Thanks.

    Mama Z: Absolutely!

  4. because one chihuahua is not enough? you are either very brave...or right on the edge. :-)

  5. R: Thankee.

    Darth: Trust me, its only a temporary thing. All the puppies save one are already spoken for. We are just caretakers.

    Wish I had that much energy though.

  6. That was WAY too cute!! :) My dog Echo used to play tug-of-war with my hair like that when she was a puppy... brings back great memories. :)

  7. Lisa: Glad I was able to smile on your face.

    These puppies have been holy terrors from almost week one, and fortunately all but one of them will be gone to their new homes by next week.

  8. You bred the doggies?
    They are very cute, but seem a bit agressive as a group. The lone kepper should calm down a bit once the sibs are out.

    good luck! Cute videos

  9. Snaggle: Sort of. The mama dog came unbeknownst to us, pregnant (we thought she was merely fat).

    I agree they were a bit agressive as a group, sort of that pack mentality I suppose.

    But yeah, once the others disappear, the one left should be good to go.

    Three dogs in the house.

    Yay. :/

  10. Very cute! I'm going to show this to my kids.


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