Sunday, August 14, 2011

Picture Me Lollygagging Around With Only My Imagination To Keep Me Company

Good Lord, if you thought the post titles from last week were long, then this one will blow you away.

Anyways, got a two-fer special for you today.

The Blue Light Special in aisle 1 is the return of the short story over at Shooting Suburbia. While yes, I did open the blog some one and a half years ago with a short story, by no means will I be closing it out with a short story. This new series should see us thru Labor Day, with one more camera left to be developed. After that particular roll gets posted, in all likelihood, the blog will go on hiatus until I decide what direction I want to go with it.

The Blue Light Special in aisle 2 is an excerpt from my latest novel project, A Lascivious Limbo that I wanted to share with everyone. I think its a pretty good piece of writing and I would like your honest opinion on it.

A little background: This small excerpt actually ends the first two thirds of the novel, which was Alexandra narrating the last four days of her life on Earth for a DVD that was to be submitted to the examining board, which would determine whether or not she would move on (if this sounds confusing, think of the Albert Brooks movie "Defending Your Life") from Limbo.


Go on, give me your best shot. I can take it. If I couldn't, I wouldn't have created this wonderful little blog that you decided to grace with your presence today.

About that comment moderation thingy: While yes, it does say up above I can take it, I only use it to prevent the occasional miscreant from leaving thoughtless and/or clueless comments.

So remember, all of your comments are greatly appreciated and all answers will be given that personal touch that you come to expect and enjoy.

G. B. Miller

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