Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Got Absolutely No Shame

Continuing with our road trip to the world of exploring the sensitive macho male psyche means that "Writing Wednesday" has the day off today. Not that there wouldn't be that much of an update to begin with.

To whit, nothing much to brag about on the writing front. I've been making slow and steady progress on the latest incarnation of Blackness In The White Sand, in that I've been handwriting about 400 to 700 words at a pop whenever I can get the opportunity. The fortunate thing about this latest project is that because I didn't make the plot line so damn convoluted, I can actually use my memory and write from where I'd left off last.

As for the publishing/submission front, still batting zero. Haven't sent anything out since last week and I'll probably wait until next week to send out a follow up e-mail to find out the status of one of my queries.

Now, on to bigger and sleazier things.

Over at Partially Yours today, we have our latest installment of the R/X-rated version of "The More You Know..." (many thanks to Mama Z for that suggestion) series of PSA's. Just like with the previous one about doing the pogo, this one is also uses an euphemism for a particular type activity, in this case, "scratching an itch".

In this one, even though we managed to keep that language about the same as Monday's post, we did tweak the visual just a tad, so that instead of beating around the bush (pun intended) we are pleasurably beating around the bush, as well as the rest of the front and the back.

And thus, the disclaimer:

Warning: The post that you're potentially thinking about reading contains strong language, sexual themes, a graphic imagination, and no pictures. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

So if you can, please take three steps to your right and knock on the door for entrance to I Got An Itch To Scratch.


  1. I may have a look at that at home tonight. Hope your day is good.

  2. Lynn: Day is going pretty good. Took a half day of from work and the weather has been absolutely gorgeous. Even though I had to run some errands that took about an hour to accomplish, I was still able to enjoy the Indian Summer weather.

  3. I've really done almost no writing lately. School has been just too much work. I'm itching to get back into it though.

  4. Haha! I love how you added "no pictures."

  5. Charles: I can understand that. For me, work has settled back to the usual periods of 4 days busy/6 days of slow, which makes it easier to find something to occupy myself during the downtime.

    I think what's making this easier for me to do, is unlike my last few projects, this one has a plot that is much simpler to handle and I know exactly how it's going to end.

    R: I figure that people should be able to use their imaginations and not rely on a pictorial guide.


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