Friday, October 7, 2011

Q: What Turns A Guy Into A Drooling Idiot?

Yeah, you just know where I'm going with this one.


To finish out our week long trip to the kinkier side of Cedar's Mountain, we now focus our attention on the two items that I have probably talked about the most over the course of the two years on this blog. I have featured these twin items in such various posts as bikinis, breastfeeding, and bad writing.

Most of, if not the majority of my early stories have had these items featured prominently in some particular way, shape or form. Hell, even the book that you see featured in the upper left hand corner of the front page features these twin titans of joy.

Now never let be said that I have a sense of humor about these drooler's delights because that's exactly what your gonna get over at Partially Yours today. As most of you know, I do have a tendency to talk about these items in a semi-serious nature, and I hope that you take today's post in that exact same way.

Remember, G the writer is way different that G the person, although not by much.

Anyways, here is the obligatory disclaimer:

Warning: What you're about to read features sexual themes, strong language and a semi-graphic visual. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

A: The Powerfully Bodacious Ta-Ta's


  1. Hi G, I'm not avoiding your blog but as you know I'm not that keen on that kinda writing so I'll give it a miss, but it's not personal at all. :) I just kind of try to keep my thoughts pure, I know that makes me sound like a bore, but I hope you understand?

  2. Joe: No need to apologize, 'cause I understand completely. Sometimes my writing isn't for everyone, so I take no offense if people choose not to read it.

    Life would be incredibly dull if people were conformists. The beauty of individualism is that a person can make a clear and conscious choice not to do something and still be respected for doing so.

    I respect you for stayting to true to yourself, your values and your principles.

    I should be back to usual abnormalcy on Monday. :D

  3. K I will try this again...I posted and it didn't show up. Of course now I forgot what my comment was, but please assume it was something witty and clever ;)

  4. R: Got it this time, and I expect nothing less that cleverness and wittiness from your neck of the woods whenever you pop in for a visit. :D

  5. Yep, you men (and many women) are biologically programmed to enjoy those twin titans of joy indeed. Nothing wrong with that!


  6. Jannie: A most refreshing opinion from a female point of view.

    Gracias. :D

    Sadly, we are hardwired to enjoy those twin titans of joy. Sometimes though, bigger is not necessarily better.


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