Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Retooling Has Begun?

Unlike last Sunday's post, in which it really was much ado about nothing much (Facebook and an upcoming preview for Monday and Wednesday's posts), this one is actually relevant to the part of my life that all of you have come to appreciate and enjoy.


To whit, I decided to drop a fifty cent piece in that rare creature called a payphone and persuade my one my vacationing blogs to grace us with their presence again.

So the unfortunate blog that happened to answer that unwanted phone call was Shooting Suburbia. After much gentle persuasion (which consisted of me threatening to tweak its template into something horribly disgusting), it decided to come back from its vacation spot of downtown Frostbite Falls and grace us with a guest appearance.

So if you could, please take a walk with me over to Shooting Suburbia to experience and critique my attempt at shooting a video.


  1. R: I'm glad you saw and liked.

    Not sure how frequent the postings over there are going to be, but I will be giving it a shot just the same.

  2. I was here the other day n bumped offline before commenting- But I have to wait for video critiqueing for BBsitting at BBM's computer, er house- later in the week.

  3. Snaggle: Hopefully you'll have some success at BB's house later in the week.

    Got quite a few videos lined up for everyone this week, which is a rarity for me.


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