Friday, October 28, 2011

Three Improbables Equals One Confused Electorate

Hey gang!

Not sure what's going on in your neck of the woods for political whoopee, but here in Connecticut during the odd number years, we have our stale municipal elections.

I really shouldn't say stale, 'cause in my town politics are anything but stale an this current election season is a good example of that.

The current mayor of our town is running for re-election, or rather, he's running to be elected in his own right. Ya see, prior to becoming mayor, he was the deputy mayor (or town council leader, not sure which) of our fair town. But when the previous mayor found a job opportunity out of state, that left a vacancy to be filled, which was filled by the second in line, which was him.

Before I continue, I should let everyone know up front that I was a high school classmate of the current mayor and during those four years, I developed a rather low opinion of him. The preceding 28 years has done nothing to change that current opinion. I should also let everyone know that I am a registered Republican and the current mayor is also a Republican.

Having said that, let's take a good look at the current campaign mantra, so that we can understand why this member of the electorate is currently confused about it.

1} No Tax Increase! Got no problem with that here. If the town is being run in a fiscally prudent manner and you're able to stick to your budget, then no tax increase is a very good thing.

2} No Cuts! Okay, here's where I get a little confused. What are you not going to cut? Are you not going to cut the budget? Town services? Employees? Are you implying that perhaps the budget is a little out of whack yet streamlining isn't the answer? Do you plan on not cutting spending?

I should not that to put those two points in proper perspective, one of the ways that he wants to balance the budget is to use the town's rainy day fund. Now I don't know about your state, but my state has done that for the past couple of budgets and the end result has been a budget out of whack by $2 billion dollars.

3} Hold The Line! Now if I'm already confused after reading the first two points, I'm downright befuddled with this particular campaign promise.

What is it exactly that you want to hold the line on? Excessive spending? Excessive waste? New laws? Maintaining the status quo? If you're maintaining the status quo, which status quo are you trying to hold? No taxes? No cuts?

Now fortunately (or unfortunately), I haven't been able to figure out what the opposition's campaign promises are, simply because all of his rhetoric is buried inside the American flag that is plastered on his signage. About the only thing I do know is that he doesn't plan on using the rainy day fund to balance the budget.

Could it be that in some kind of perverse Night Gallery scenario, that on the local level a Democrat is more grounded in reality than a Republican?

Stranger things have happened.

Like me getting published.


Or this classic cult Billboard chart favorite from the 60's.


  1. It's all voodoo politics anyway. Whatever they say they end up doing something else.

  2. I love it (insert sarcasm font here) when candidates run on a platform of no cuts and no tax increases in these years of terrible budgets. I guess they think we are as dumb as they are.

  3. I remember Night Gallery! And Mrs. Miller. What was that about?

    Sounds like big doins' up there, G.

  4. S.R.: Yup. They always do. If anything, it will be interesting. They've already debated it on public access (which I don't get with my dish) and the Democratic candidate was out there this evening campaigning.

    R: I did read a little clarification in my local weekly paper today, but I still don't quite understand what it all means. I should've hung on to the paper (it was free) but I'm sure I'll hear more about it in the coming weeks.

    And yes, it is much like "don't do as I do, do as I say".

    Lynn: Mrs. Miller recorded that song on a lark and it started off as a local cult fave before moving on to the national scene. I did find about a half dozen or so YouTub videos of her singing those songs, but "Downtown" is the one I remembered the best.

    Love "Night Gallery" myself. Much more darker than the "Twilight Zone".

  5. Ah, the good ole status quo. And nonsensical campaign promises so supporters can say they were fulfilled and opposition can say they were not. Too bad the initial idea of "putting up a good man to stand for office to benefit the greater good" was replaced by "being elected for the sake of being elected and following bizarre party lines that have nothing to do with the greater good and everything to do with defeating the other party even if it harms your constituents"

  6. Well, that platform leaves a lot to the imagination!

  7. Mama Z: It leaves a helluva lot to the imagination, and that's what scares me the most.

    Currently going through the continuing economic meltdown on the state level, I'm downright petrified on what kind of insanity might happen in my town.

  8. Funny, I was classmates with MY town mayor. She's NICE, tho!

    Elect Mrs. Miller!!! (Even if she's dead.)

    i only follow national Politics, and as you know boy howdy with THAT whoopeeee. So much going on it makes me drink extra wine in my tree these days.


  9. Jannie: I don't know of that many classmates of mine who dabble in politics or have accomplished anything noteworthy, since I have't gone to any class reunions since 1998.

    I've long given up on national politics 'cause we have our own version of the national stupid right here in this state.

    Makes me want to start drinking, in spite of the fact that I take two kinds of insulin to survive.


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