Monday, November 28, 2011

A Baby By Any Other Name Is Still Your Baby

note: Blogger is being notoriously difficult in directly uploading anything longer than two minutes. Overall, it took me about an hour to upload this to YouTube, and yes, Google also "improved" YouTube just like they "improved" Blogger, which is why it took me about an hour to upload.

This video is the end result of having to make an appearance at a family function and trying to keep occupied while keeping the mind out of the gutter at the same time. This is my brother's dog Baby, and this video was shot at my brother's house in Thomaston, Connecticut on Thanksgiving afternoon. And no, no football was watched because all the t.v.'s were occupied by little children's and very old adults.


  1. haha oh the joys of a stick, a really big stick.

  2. Seems like a very peaceful day was going on there. Baby was keeping busy with the clean-up after Storm Alfred, maybe?

  3. Pat: And how. :D

    I have another video lined up for later that shows me having a tug of war with a similar type of long stick.

    In any event, its often the simplest and the smallest things that most often bring all kinds fun and joy to a dog's life.

  4. Joanne: It was a pretty peaceful day. I'm not big on family functions and after making the requisite appearance inside, I decided to give a little attention to the dog, since she was forced to stay outside for the day.

    I believe she was to a certain extent. :D

  5. I like animals better than people, 100% of the time.

  6. R: Really?

    Bearman: Absolutely. Her corner is what you see in the video.

  7. Animals are the greatest. Thanks for sharing, G. And I need to send you a pdf of THE CUTMAN. Later today, sir.

  8. I love how Baby has his own thing going on. A dog's life indeed!

  9. I had to disable my add ons to get my system to work so it won't play the video. I'll have to have a look from home. Am at work now.

  10. David: You're more than welcome, and I'm looking forward to the pdf of the story THE CUTMAN.

    Talon: She does march to the beat of a different drum, that's for sure.

    Charles: Can sympathize with that. Sometimes a computer will be wonky in spite of any reasonable attempt at making it work.

  11. Nice, calm, playful, lovable looking Baby there...

    So are you bemoaning missing the football?
    (I'm bemoaning missing the entire holiday myself!)

  12. Snaggle: Thanks.

    Nope, not bemoaning the fact. The only time I watch football on T-giving is when the Patriots are playing. Beyond that, it doesn't really matter.


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