Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What Are Words For?

The first two people who can either identify the song or the group, without using the Internet, that this blog title is connected to, will have a very nice blog post written about them.

With that being said, what are words for? Kind of a philosophical question but really, what are words for? When you string a bunch of them together, you form sentences and paragraphs, which in turn conveys an intelligent message (hopefully) to the people who may peruse them during a moment of free time. But really, what kind of message are you trying to convey with these words that you have chosen to string together to make sentences and paragraphs?

If you're like me, you're trying to create an interesting story that will resonate with someone, preferably an editor, and make them say, "Hey! That's a purty durn gud story!"

With that in mind, let's take a short look at the various stories that I've created in the past year to see what, if anything, is going on with them.

1} Short Story #1! One of the short stories that I wrote about a year and a half ago, which was originally called "A Day At The Office" and originally posted on my closed story blog, is currently being submitted to a couple of e-zines. However, I did tweak and tighten the story a little before I decided to submit it. It's worth noting that I did make sure that the e-zines I'd submitted had ambiguous guidelines as it specifically applied to previously published short stories, so hopefully if it does get rejected, it will be rejected on it's own merits and not because it was previously published on my blog.

2} Short Story #2! Another short story that I wrote almost two years ago, which was originally featured as a serial on my short story blog, is also making the rounds. Originally titled "The Right Thing", it was also submitted to a couple of e-zines with ambiguous guidelines, after it was re-written and tightened to bring it under 5K words.

3} Short Story #3 & #4 & #5! These are three short stories that I'm debating on submitting, simply because they were also previously posted on my blog. #3 was originally written between one and two years ago and was originally featured as a fractured serial on my closed short story blog. I did some extensive re-writing and successfully joined all the parts together and gave it the title of "Singularly Married". #4 was the story that I posted last month on Partially Yours called "Patience Is A Sin". I liked the re-written version so much that I'm willing to wait about six or several months before making the rounds with it. #5 is the original story that was the opening salvo of my current writing project, which is simply titled "The Backpack". I think that it has enough oomph for it to be a very nice stand alone story somewhere.

The one common theme that all of these stories (save #5) have is that they were originally published here. Hopefully that won't be a deterrent in the long run, especially since I decided to tweak and tighten the content of those stories.

4} Line 21! Not much going on with this one. I'm still waiting for a final response from a submission back in July and the subsequent follow-up e-mail back in October from one particular publisher, and I'd just sent off a query to an agent (which you'll find the particulars on the Line 21 page) that was featured in the blog Novel Spaces about a couple of weeks ago. I do have one question connected with this update: is six months the normal wait time for a response from a publisher?

5} Blackness In The White Sand! I'm making slow and steady progress with this novella, especially since I decide a couple of weeks ago to make an effort to schedule blocks of writing time for myself. Internet withdrawal has been difficult at times, but I am getting better at dealing with no online surfing. I just completed chapter five and started on chapter six over the weekend, with probably one more chapter to write before I consider this particular story to be done. Still haven't decided on whether I should have a definite ending to it, or something a little more ambiguous. The reason as to why I'm undecided is that I have another story called "A Troubled Conscience" already written and so far I've been unable to find a home for it, so I was thinking about using that in this particular novella, sort of like a part two to a planned trilogy of sorts.

6} The Unknown Story! Well, not really unknown, as the story has already been published, but I got to designing a nifty little bookmark for it last week. Hopefully I'll have something to show everyone in the coming weeks, but just the same, that particular story is still available for purchase from me, for the low price of $7, and I'll pick up not only the sales tax, but the S&H as well.

And that's all the writing news that this moderate Republican sees fit to commit to computer screen.


  1. Sounds like a lot going on with your stories. I don't know that song lyric. Hmmm.

  2. Lynn: Yeah, got a lot going on but nothing to show for it yet.

    Sort of sums up a lot of what I do: a word hoarder.

    The song is from the early 80's New Wave time period.

  3. Sounds like me, I have lot going on and nothing to show for it yet. Gets a bit tedious after a while.

    I'm useless at lyrics, so good luck to the person who guesses the words!

  4. I would say 6 months and longer is normal to wait for a publisher. Their pace, among other things, hasn't kept up with the changes in publishing, which is one of the reasons I decided to publish independently. I'll talk about it next week on my blog.

  5. What are words for? ME!
    (Hint: I have no idea what group that is. But it would be hilarious if someone you disliked got the answer right.)

  6. Joe: It certainly does get tedious after a while. Sometimes an occupied mind can't get anywhere fast.

    A song can be tough to figure out if all you got is a snippet to work with. About the only clue I can give is that its a mid 80's New Wavish type of song.

    Joanne: I was kind of hoping that wasn't the norm, especially since the guidelines gave an estimated turnover of about 8 weeks.

    Congrats on the self-pubbing.

    R: It would be definitely hilarious indeed.

    I'm not sure if anyone I disliked would actually get it, since the music I listen to is definitely out of the norm.

  7. Don't know the song or the band but I know the song

    What are words for...when no one's talking anymore (words for)
    What are words for

  8. Bearman: Purty gud.

    Looks like I have at least one person I can write a post about, since you're the closest that's come to identifying the song.

    Amazing the things we remember from high school. While my classmates were listening to southern rock and/or British rock (Led Zeppelin), I was listening to this.

  9. It's the Missing Persons! I have that song on my iPod! Love, love, love it.

    What are words for, when no one listens anymore?

  10. S.R.: And we got a second winner!

    I watched the video earlier this morning and I was having such an 80's flashback like you would not believe.

    Interestingly enough, some of the commenters were calling Dale Bozzio the original Lady Ga-Ga.


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