Friday, December 23, 2011

It's Cuervo Time!

It is rare that I complain about a plethora of things all in one shot.

Usually I complain about one thing at a time on this blog, then move on.

However, this week has been, to put it bluntly, a bitch. Between being on pins and needles about waiting for a positive result from something I did last week and dealing with the fruition of Monday's post (Monday thru Wednesday I answered about 75 e-mails and 60+ phone calls, with each phone call lasting on the average 8 minutes and each e-mail averaging about 2 pages) and the fact that it's the week before Christmas, I am seriously considering going off on a binge of major proportions and not waking up until Christmas morning.

The fact that I am even considering going off on a drinking binge should give you an idea on how crappy my week has been. However, as much as this week has sucked major moose testicles, I have tried in my own unique way to put something of a smiley face on the week.

For instance, I've been wearing a Santa hat at work this past week, which is my only concession to celebrating Christmas in public this year. When people ask me if I'm getting into the Christmas spirit, I tell them that this year I am channeling the spirit of Billy Bob.

They invariably ask, "Who?"

I answer, "Billy Bob. You know...."

To all of my good friends who happen to read this blog, the regulars, the lurkers and my fellow bloggers, yours truly is taking a well deserved break from the blogging world to spend some time with the family and on a few personal projects that have taken a back seat in my life for the past month.

I shall see you all back here on December 28th.

M E R R Y  C H R I S T M A S  E V E R Y O N E !


  1. Merry Christmas, G. I hope things look up for you and I hope you have a nice peaceful time with your family this weekend.

  2. Lynn: Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful time with your family as well.

  3. Stopping by to wish you a Merry Christmas there on Cedar Mountain ... Peace and happiness in the New Year, too, with lots of writing thrown in the mix as well ... Enjoy!

  4. Merry Christmas, and I hope that your holiday does not suck moose testicles!

  5. merry christmas.


    UMMMM cuervo!

  6. Joanne: Many thanks and Merry Christmas to you and yours as well.

    M&M: Thankee and I hope that yours doesn't as well.

    Merry Christmas.

    Bruce: Uncle Bruce! Long time no see! A very Merry Christmas to you and yours as well.

    Cuervo is good.

    Is the only hard liquor that I used to enjoy before becoming a 4 shot a day insulin diabetic.

  7. Take a well-needed hiatus, G! A lot more people need it this year than ever, and if I was home with my kids, I would be, too! I'm doing a lot of catching up this weekend. Have a great holiday ;)

  8. Hope you and your family have a beautiful and Merry Christmas, G. I can't believe people didn't get the Bad Santa reference :)

    Hopefully next year will involve absolutely no moose testicle sucking for you at all! ;)

  9. Hey G!

    Don't drink too mutch tekeela, i see wot it does to my jannie.

    and may i say..

    merrie chrissmiss!

    I hops you haz lots of joy and funs.




    enjoy your brake unatil the 28th

  10. Heehee... that movie was so wrong, yet so funny... :)

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, G!!! Enjoy your break!

  11. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas G, and thanks for all your support and great comments this year.

    I'll join you on the binge! It's been one of those weeks here too!

  12. Happy Holidays! Enjoy your rest and relaxation. I hope you get a chance to fully unwind.

  13. Ah yes, one of my all-time favorite Christmas movies. God, I love that midget. And yes, I was drunk for most of the holiday too. Cheers!


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