Wednesday, December 21, 2011

No Longer A Newbie, But He's Making Strides


A few weeks ago, I brought a dozen copies of my self-pubbed chapbook to work so that I could kick off a new sales/marketing campaign for the new year and thus sell a few copies. There are two reasons as to why I'm doing this: 1) enough time has gone by and I believe that most people have forgotten about my first self-pubbed book, and 2) I'm slowly re-tooling and re-loading my writing career. I no longer consider myself a newbie and in fact, I believe that I'm making some decent strides with my writing.

One thing that I plan on doing this coming January is hand out free custom designed bookmarks. The bookmark themselves will contain this nice picture:

What better way to get to know the real me?

A link to this blog and the caption that you see on the front side. On the back side will be a general link to my short story Cedar Mountain (Beat To A Pulp)* and my short story Red Stripe (The Cynic Magazine), along with a short note saying that both stories can be found under my full name in the archives.

By handing out these bookmarks, I want to give people the opportunity to get to know both the real me and the quirky fiction that I write before they decide to buy the book. I figure if they like what I write for fiction or my blog, then they would be amenable to purchasing my book.

On a related note, a co-worker of mine saw my mini-display of books and started asking a couple of questions about the name on the book (Georgie B). We had an animated discussion about it (I told her that there was a rapper by that name and that early on in my writing career I was trying to establish a brand using that name) and about ten minutes later, she created this nifty little ditty that I want to share with everyone.

My name is Georgie B and I'm known as Gee, together we rock the industry. I'm smooth, I'm cool, I'm an awesome dude, beta recognize and don't be cruel. I wrote BETRAYED! so stand in line, it's only going for $7.99. YOU HEARD!!!!

While the book indeed is for sale, the going rate is $7.50 (higher at Author House and Amazon) and I'll pick up both the 6.35% sales tax and the shipping and handling to anywhere in the good old U.S.A.

So if you liked my short stories Cedar Mountain and Red Stripe, give some thought to picking up this nifty little chapbook. It's entertaining, it's a fast read and it's a great compliment to what you read here on a daily/weekly basis.

*Unfortunately, the link to the story is temporarily out of order until February '12


  1. That was very cool that your coworker wrote that rap for you. :)

  2. Oh, Georgie, you were born to be a rapper! :-) Congrats on your re-launch.

  3. Have it, liked it, and reviewed it! :)

  4. Lynn: Yes I thought it was as well. She actually had to re-write it because she originally had the price at $9.99 and I had to tell her it was different. :D

    Jewel: I don't know about being a rapper, but I thank you for the compliment.

    R: And I appreciate that fact. :D


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