Friday, February 24, 2012

Pre-Teen Book Talk!

Greetings and Salutations!

Since I really had nothing to write about for this blog's Friday installment, I thought I would turn today's post over to my 11 year-old skating/dancing/reader/daughter extraordinaire Jenelle. What you're about to read is 100% her and 0% me, and as such, I disclaim all knowledge of what it is that she's gonna write about. But I will try my very best to answer any and all comments that you might be gracious enough to leave.

Take it away, Jenelle!

The book I want to share is the book Warriors : Into The Wild. It's by Erin Hunter. The book is about this tom cat (when you say tom it means they weren't fixed yet) named Rusty decides one day to jump over his fence and sneak into the woods behind his house. (In this book, us humans are called Twolegs) Before he jumps, a white cat with black spots (who is not a tom cat) named Smudge warns him about another cat who went into the woods and came back terrified. That cat never went back. Well, Rusty decides to ignore Smudge. If you want to know more, look at my dad's blog next week. Thanks for reading! There is also a website for this series called Warrior Cats. Check it out!


  1. I see that Jenelle already has a gift of writing just like you G. :)

  2. I always reading about cats in stories, Jenelle. This one sounds great, with purrfect suspense ... Cats rule :)

  3. Joe: That she does. She's quite a multi-talented individual, so I may have some competition in the near future. :D

    Joanne: It seems like an interesting multi book series, almost like that Merkat series on Animal Planet.

    And she appreciates your comment as well, as I showed it to her and she was quite impressed.

  4. Very cool! I like the description of humans.

  5. M: Yeah, it is.

    My daughter may not have inherited my taste in reading material, but she did inherit my love of reading.

  6. I love cat stories. I do want to learn more. I will stayed tuned for the next instalment.

  7. I really enjoy a good animal story so I will have to check this out. I have a story about foxes I want to finish this year called "farhaven." It's been languishing on my computer too long now.

  8. S.R.: Coolness. So do I.

    Charles: Apparently Erin Hunter created an entire world featuring cats as there are at least 5 distinct book series involved.

    Looking forward to seeing that particular story in print.

  9. Nice to meet you, Jenelle. I was just getting ready to buy a book for a friend and wasn't sure what to get. But thanks to your review I'll get WARRIORS. Thank you!

  10. David: I'll be more than happy to pass on your gracious comment to Jenelle.

  11. Love that you and your daughter are blogging together. And by wern'tt fixed she doesn't mean they are still broken. Right?

  12. Travis: I would assume so. Your guess is as good as mine.

    I wouldn't say that we're blogging together, as the last time she had post here was about two or so years ago, when I posted a funky short story.

    But I will say that she has my very warped and very dry sense of humor.

    So be very, very, very afraid.

  13. What a good writer Jenelle is. She makes you want to read through to the end. Very nice.

  14. Lynn: Thankee. :D

    I will pass your compliment on to her.


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