Sunday, June 24, 2012

And Thus....

This is for a friend who has decided that a change of scenery is just the thing that her spirit and her soul needs in order to take flight and be free of stress and worry.

It is a rare person indeed that can enter another person's life and touch them in a way that when they finally ride off into the sunset, they leave just a sliver of their spirit and a tome of happy memories permanently behind. To my very good friend R, I deeply appreciate the friendship that we had while you were here, and even though you'll be someplace else enjoying the life you richly deserve, I'll always cherish the time that we and our families spent getting to know one another. You'll always be the big sister that managed to give excellent advice when I needed it, and saved me from doing the stupider things that I always seemed to do whenever I would shoot from the lip.

My life has been made richer because of you and it is my sincere hope that even though you'll now be a few thousand miles away, you'll still be that influence that I've come to respect and appreciate.

May you always experience peace, love and tranquility on whatever road you may travel during your long and fruitful journey that is life.


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