Monday, June 25, 2012

Another Blogging Milestone!

Hey gang!

Just managed to accomplish another blogging milestone!

A guest post at another blog!

Please follow me over to Andrea Buginsky's wonderful blog Andi's Realm to check out my latest post!


  1. Congrats I've just read it and left a comment.

    G, I thought you may like to know that you have a bit of a typo on the article ,unless it was intended of course ..."you wll come way".

    Thought you may like to know. I would. :)

  2. Joe: Uggh.

    I thought I got all of them, especially the glaring ones. Oh well. :D

    Many thanks for stopping by to leave a comment at Andrea's blog. I will check it out myself.

  3. Hi G,

    So happy that my blog could help you reach a new milestone :) Sorry I didn't catch that typo either (thanks Joe!). I hope you'll visit again soon.


  4. Andrea: Typos are a natural part of blogging. Makes a post just that more interesting. :D

    I'll be more than happy to visit your blog again in the future.

  5. Very good post, I just read it and commented...and called Darth on his nonsense ;)

  6. Congratulations! Meeting new milestones always feels so good!

  7. I like some of my typos so much I re-named them "Rypos" n do entire blog posts about them! I have some doozies tho-
    I should really stop typing off to the side of the chair in the dark while watching tv! Someday I may learn...

    My next installment is getting ready to post soon, working on images still.

  8. R: Thanks.

    That post was actually very challenging to write. Never had to write one geared specifically to a particular audience, but I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.

    I'll have to check out Darth's response.

    Catherine: The milestones I hit while blogging are so few and far between that I can't help doing a Snoopy dance to celebrate. :D

    Snaggle: I'm usually very careful about my typos, so it does bother me a little when one slips by.

    But like I said, typos do give a post character.

  9. Granny Annie: Thanks. I try to be every once in a blue moon. :D


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