Friday, June 29, 2012

Replay That Movie Into Redundancy: Take Two

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After a three week hiatus or so, we continue with my top 12 list of my favorite replayable movies.

7} Crank: Jason Statham plays a hitman who becomes fatally poisoned, and the only way he can survice long enough to find the person who did it is become an andrenilane junkie. The action is non-stop with gun play, fights and car chases. Also features a very funny and very public sex scene in Chinatown, a b.j. during a car chase and a riveting helicopter fight. Forget the sequal, watch the original.

8} Layer Cake: Daniel Craig plays a mid-sized drug dealer who decided to get out of the business, but is foced to do one last job before he can leave. Lots of good solid twists and different plot threads, it definitely has its W.T.F moments, but they add more than they subtract to the movie. It remains the only Daniel Craig movie that I like.

9} Snatch: Another Jason Statham movie, this one also features Brad Pitt in a strong supporting role. The British underground fight scent is skillfully woven through a sub-plot featuring a stolen diamond, a dog and a robbery gone sour. Lots of action and the move never drags.

10} Kill Bill, Vol. 1: Of all the Quentin Tarrentino movies that I've seen in which he had directed, this one remains my favorite. Action and suspense, it also comes with enough pop culture kitsch to make a lasting impression in your head long after the movie has gone away. Uma Thurman is more than solid as an actress and as a former assassin bent on revenge, she became a one woman wrecking crew.

11} A History Of Violence: Viggo Mortensen plays a mobster who decided to undercover and live a normal life. Unfortunately, when he prevents a robbery of his restaurant, his cover is blown and people from his former life come gunning for him. Even though there's a distinct level of violence in the movie (the movie itself opens up with a rather disturbing implied murder at a motel), it pretty much makes you think all the way through to the end.

12} No Country For Old Men: I simply cannot get enough of this movie. A sheriff who finally realizes he's too old and too tired to deal with the violence and crime anymore, an amoral hitman looking to retrieve a suitcase of drug mony and the hunter who tries to getaway with a suitcase of drug money with tragic consequences. It took me until I actually borrowed the DVD from the library to see how this movie actually started. And the ending to this day still drives me bananas. An incredibly dark movie, it's the best thinking movie on the market today.

A bonus 12a} Coldblooded: A black comedy featuring Jason Priestly who plays a bookie who gets promoted to hitman. Click on the link for further details, but I compare this movie to John Cusack's movie "Grosse Pointe Blank". A great quirky movie that almost no one really knew about when it came out.

There are others that I do enjoy seeing over and over, but those are of the B&W variety. Someday I'll get a post up on those. In the meantime, feel free not only to offer an opinion on these, but suggest a few of your faves as well.


  1. The only one I've seen is "A History of Violence." It was okay in its way.

  2. Of the films you listed, I've seen "A History of Violence" and "No Country for Old Men." I've meant to see the Kill Bill movies, but just haven't.

    What did you think of Pulp Fiction? I watched it and then immediately watched it again (despite the violence.) The second time I picked up so much that I missed the first time.

  3. I'm a bit ashamed to admit that I like all those movies too. Not what is expected viewing for a gentle ond granny. Jason Statham is among my favorite new actors. Well "new" to me anyway. Can't wait for Expendables II. Now I must find Layer Cake because that is the only one you mentioned that I have not seen.

  4. Debra: Certain movies have a tendency to be like that at first viewing. Sometimes they grow on you and sometimes they don't. This one did.

    Lynn: I thought Pulp Fiction was pretty good (you should read the Wikipedia entry for that movie, I think it's well over 30 pages or so). It requires multiple viewings to pick up on every little nuance in the movie.

    I still watch it whenever it comes on, but now I watch it peacemeal.

    Granny Annie: I've never seen any of Daniel Craig's movies before (not even the James Bond one) so when this one cropped up on one of the movie channels one night, it seemed interesting enough to watch. 'Course, I had to borrow the damn thing in order to see the entire movie as I originally watched it about 20 minutes in.

  5. No country for old men really was good. Such great characters. I also liked Crank and Kill Bill. both fun movies.

  6. David: I've always liked Tommy Lee Jones as an actor and in that one, he projects a weariness that you can really feel and understand.

    And I agree,those others were really fun movies to watch.

  7. I liked Layer Cake a lot, but then Daniel Craig can play just about anybody. The ending pissed me off though.

    There aren't too many movies I want to watch multiple times, but I saw The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel recently and I would definitely like to own that. Mostly I like to re-watch comedies.

  8. M: Not sure if the final scene of the movie annoyed me or not, only the 2nd to last scene in "No Country" pissed the crap out of me.

    I don't replay too many comedies as my speed is more drama/action than anything else.

  9. Your list of "must re-watch" movies has a lot of overlap with my husband's list of faves.

    The last movie I re-watched enough times to memorize sections of dialogue was Napoleon Dynamite.

  10. S.R.: I've tried watching Napoleon Dynamite a few times, but I really couldn't get into it very much.

    I don't think I've watched any movies that many times to memorize parts of dialogue, so I definitely tip my hat to you on that.

    All I know is a few catch phrases and most of those come from Pulp Fiction

  11. I haven't seen any of them. Ha. :D

  12. Joe: That could be a blessing in disguise. :D

    Different strokes for different folks. :D


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