Monday, July 2, 2012

Bi-Sy-Kling On A Busy Street? YOLO!

I've been enjoying riding my bike this summer. However, its safe to say that I'm not a hardcore enthusiast like some of the people I've met in the blog world.

Like Mr. R.K., who is the funniest person that I know of that really needs to return to blogging again (Mrs. R. K. please pass that plea on to him. I'll even grovel if need be). Or Darth Weasel, who is another funny guy whose blogging exploits have a tendency to really make you think. And can't forget classical music composer/intrusment builder Lane Savant.

All of these people can put me to shame when it comes to bicycling, simply because they do anywhere from 20 to 40 miles at a clip. Me, on a good day, I can do about 10. The last time I've even remotely approached what these fine gentlemen do on a bicycle, was back in the late 90's when I used to live in East Hartford. I used to do these monster bike rides from my home near the Coca-Cola plant and bike ride to Buckland Mall. Mapquest says the official road distance via the highway is 7.52 miles. However, if you do it the way I did it, which is picking up a bike path on the East Hartford/Manchester border, you can easily tack on an extra five to seven miles, since you have to take a few back roads to get there.

And even a couple of times, I've road my bike from East Hartford to Vernon, which according to Mapquest, the official road distance via the highway is 11.48 miles. But again, taking the back roads adds on an extra 10 miles or so.

However, I digress, or blogress as Joey would often say.

Now when I got bicycling, I often look at scenery like the picture you see on the left there. There happens to be a lot of tiger lilies in full bloom now, and looking a them often bring a small piece of contentment to my weary and tired spirit.

To see these tiger lilies requires one to go bicylcing down the multitude of side streets that pepper the town, and to fully appreciate not only these flowers, but all of the fantastic landscaping that the neighborhoods often requires riding down the middle of the road.

Fortunately on the weekends, most secondary roads in my town are often like this picture: dead and empty. So I can pretty much get away with bicyling down the middle of the road without being run over by a car.

Anyways, most of my trips take me all over the town, be it the library, the post office or the local ballfield.

But my two favorite places to go, which coincidentally are places where I haven't been bothered by overzealous parents and the cops.

Elizabeth Green Elementary School
 At these two places, I can be myself and not have to worry about someone making a complaint against me or trying to run me over.

So tell me, when you go out on bike ride or on a walk, where is your favorite destination and why?

Mill Pond Waterfalls


  1. There is a park near us that have a little over 5 mile loop. My wife always wants to go 2x but I am too lazy.

  2. I know getting all that fresh air feels good, too.

    Mostly when I'm walking, it's at a park, so my usual favorite destination is getting back to my car. :) I always wish I lived in an area in which you could walk to get a newspaper or cup of coffee.

  3. That's definitely one of the things I like about biking around town, is going up and down streets I normally wouldn't.

  4. There is a bike trail here that Lana and I have gone on and enjoyed. Unfortunately, hardly any of the roads have shoulders so riding along the streets is a source of constant terror.

  5. Bearman: That is definitely a challenge to one's physical ability to walking/running/jogging/bicycling. I tip my hat off to you just for being able to make it around a loop like that.

    Lynn: The fresh air definitely seems different when I'm bicycling compared to when I'm walking, that's for sure.

    And a car is the perfect destination after a refreshing walk at the park. :D

    I would like to be able to do that as well, but because I live pretty away from the center of town (and just about everything else of convenience, if I want to get a coffee & newspaper w/o jumping into a car, it takes me about 25 minutes to get there.

    Chris: I agree. Newington basically sits on one ginormous hill, and I nearly busted a gut exploring some of the side streets in the southern end of town.

    Let me tell you, whil going down a 9% grade is exhilirationg and dangerous, going up that same grade is great way to give yourself a heart attack.

    Charles: Most of our streets have shoulders, and it's still a terror sometimes going down them. The mindset is car oriented here that I really have to have eyes in the back of my head in order to ride safely.

  6. Some great shots indeed. Yeah I hate cycling so I'd go two feet and then quit, would much rather walk and in this crappy city I really have nowhere I like to walk too either.

  7. Well thank you for the mention. I have to confess to being such a lazy sod that I don't walk or bike anywhere. I do get physical exercise on our land though, but not as much as I should! Good for you. :)

  8. Alas, I have been nagging him forever...I will pass on the compliment, although I can't imagine you groveling! He finds it difficult to write.

    The problems with people trying to run him over are why he usually goes to trails and bike paths to ride. Luckily there are many nearby. Because the drivers here are the worst anywhere I have driven. Absolutely clueless.

  9. I haven't been on a bicycle in years, sadly. Spend too much time at computer.

    Yes, Lane amazes me with his long treks -- and much of it up hill!

    Enjoyed this tour of your town. The lilies are so pretty! i miss those.


  10. Pat: Thanks for the compliment.

    I started bicycling simply because I got tired of walking everywhere during the weekends. Much easier on the legs and a lot more fun as well.

    Joe: You're more than welcome for the shout out.

    Even working on the property can be considered exercise too. I'm the amount time spent destroying and building stuff more than makes up for not doing much in the way of walking. :D

    R.K.: That is probably the one main advantage to bicyling on trails and paths: no clueless drivers. Although ours may give yours a run for your money.

    I find that hard to imagine that he would find it difficult to write, but if he does, maybe he should look into using voice recognition software. Doesn't work for me much, but maybe it will work for him.

  11. Jannie: Long time no see! Glad you could stop by to say hi.

    It's been almost five years between bike treks for me, and surprisingly enough, the bike still functions.

    Glad you enjoyed the mini-photo tour of the town.

  12. It's definitely soul refreshing to get out and really enjoy the flora and fauna. :)

    I have quite a few places I love to frequent...some with the dogs because they love having impromptu swims in the lake or the creeks or rivers and some I like to go by myself, camera in hand, to see what's up. We live so close to the country that in 3 mins. you can be soaking up some serious beauty.

    Hope you and your family have a beautiful Fourth of July, G!

  13. Talon: That sounds really cool and relaxing.

    The only country I can get, so to speak, is whenever I decide to take a ride next to the mountain. It definitely calms me down and gives me just enough peace of mind to make me get my 2nd wind.

    And thanks for the good wishes. Hope you and yours had a good Canada Day.

  14. While I'm riding my exercise bike my spouse usually comments to me:"Well at least you're not peddling your ass all over town".

  15. Granny Annie: :D

    I did the exercise bike thing for a while but it really wasn't for me. I discovered that I needed fresh air to motivate me, not music (used to listen to a radio whie do it).

  16. I always go walking around the lake in my neighborhood. I like to watch the ducks and geese.

  17. I'm pretty sure when it is time for us to buy my daughter a bike I will start riding again.

  18. Mama Z: That sounds very relaxing. I know when I go to the park, usually about 1/4 to about 1/2 way into my journey around the pond, I always have to get off my bike and walk it between a very large gathering of ducks & geese. A lot of sun themselves on a bank where people feed them bread and what not, so I always have to tip-toe through so that I don't inadvertantly chase them away.

    David: And I'm pretty sure you'll be left in the dust in nothing flat. :D

    My daughter still rides her bike, but mostly does rollerblading now as the perferred choice of maintaining her leg strength for ice skating.

  19. When I was a teen I was seriously into bicycling. Even been on a couple of 100 mile rides. It was a dream of mine to do a cross-country trip one day, before I got too old. Ooops. lol. Anyway, when I bike now it's in the national park system bordering my town. There's many miles of hiking and biking trails through some really pretty countryside, and it's a great way to spend a day.

  20. Gumby: That sounds very kewl. I'll probably start exploring other towns pretty soon, so I'll start getting those 20+ mile round trips again.


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