Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th Of July On A Hump Day?

Ahhhhh, I can just hear the moaning and groaning and grumbling at work. "What the? I can't take a long weekend for the holiday? I actually have to come to work the next day? This is so unfair!"

Yeah, sometimes life is truly unfair. Pure baby snookums, you have celebrate the holiday on Prince Spaghetti day and have to come to work the next day sans hangover. If you think you got it bad, think about those overseas having to put up with celebrating the 4th not at home, not with family and certainly not with the peace of mind they so richly deserve. And if that doesn't stop your grumbling, think about those who didn't come back from overseas to celebrate the 4th with their loved ones.

Thus, we proudly salute those who aren't here with their loved ones today in the physical sense of the word.

Happy 4th July to everyone and happy 239th birthday to the great U. S. of A.


  1. We don't celebrate the 4th of July at all here in the UK, just another normal day. So have a good one!

  2. Joe: Thank you kind sir.

    And here's to you having a good summer day over there. :D

  3. I plan to celebrate by hanging around the house. I may watch Independence Day on TV.

  4. Happy 4th of July to you, and don't eat too many hot dogs!

  5. Charles: I plan on doing the exact same thing, plus try to catch up on a little writing as well:

    Debra: Thanks, and I won't. :D

  6. Love that video. :) Happy 4th G!

  7. Lynn: Thanks. And you too. :D

    Actually, I remember the episode in which that video came from, and they cut off the last few seconds when the teacher says, "You did not answer it in the form of a question."

  8. "Happy 4th July to everyone and happy 239th birthday to the great U. S. of A."

    Don't you mean 236???

  9. Joey: Of course you guys don't celebrate it! If you did, I'd start to question sanity ;)

    I have to admit, I'd rather have the 4th be a holiday "observed" on a Monday or Friday. But nice to have it off all the same.

  10. Yep the hump Day thing has wreaked havoc with the sky-high timing of our work orders. High both week-ends n Tuesday too.
    I had to work a 6 day OT shifts all week, until 2am the 4th, then sleep late, do laundry to get back to work another whole week- Spent the entire day alone with all stores closed n did zero errands. Now another 6 days looms n have to do store runs before work all week- I'm fried!
    I'm only drinking pineapple juice today anyhow-

    Hope your family had a good 4th!

  11. I know the alphabet song but could never learn the State capitols song. Still it was a cute video. We had a quiet day at home watching the lake fireworks from our window in the cool AC.

  12. Bearman: I stand corrected.

    I could say that I had made a typo while I was writing the post, but the reality is that I had a brain fart.

    R: I would rather have it on a Monday or Friday as well. It feels very weird to have it on Prince Spaghetti day.

    Snaggle: That truly does suck.

    If you were in CT, you could've gone to the package store to stock up on beer and had your own party. :D

  13. Granny Annie: Sounds like a relaxing day was had by all.

  14. Ah, I used to love the Animaniacs!! Good stuff... :)

    Hope you had a great holiday!

  15. Lisa: Always loved Animaniacs and Tiny Toon Adventures, and it was a shame that Steven Speilberg did just a few seasons of it. So when I was doing this post, that little song was the first thing that popped into my head. :D


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