Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Got Me A Little Nook-E

No, I didn't get that, although if I did, this post would be over there and not over here. What I got instead, was the Nook Simple Touch.

Yup. A simple e-reader for a simple man. Because as you undoubtedly know, bells and whistles impress me not. Simple, basic and nutritious are the things for me.

Oh wait, I'm sounding like Gordon Ramsey.

Anyways, I bought the Nook-E not for pleasure but for the express intent of properly fulfilling my contractual obligations. And what might those be you ask?

go ahead, ask.

"Hey G.B.! What kind of contractual obligations do you have?"

Glad you asked. That particular contractual obligation involves having to do at least one book review a quarter. As of late, I've been falling behind in my obligations, especially since it seems to be the easiest thing to fulfill. But when your finances are tighter than Scrooge McDuck's wallet, you learn to watch every penny. And in this case, watching every penny means becoming very selective in your book purchasing.

I know that sounds like a walking contradiction, especially when can get a free app to install on your computer, but because I'm loathe to spend any more time on a computer than I already do (time spent currently stands at 13 hours per day M-F), the only logical step to take was to buy an e-reader, which in this case, a Nook.

Because I bought the 1st edition, it unfortunately means that I am limited to two types of files: PDF & E-books. So I can't download MOBI files, which means for me one less thing to worry about.

Now normally when I get a little jazzed about something related to books, like a gift card, I would always ask for suggestions on what to read. This time around, I'm not looking for any suggestions on what to read, beyond what Solstice is coming out with or what my fellow writers might be coming out with.

If you're a fellow writer and have something new coming out, either through a traditional publisher or self-pubbed, give a thought about shooting something my way. I'll be more than happy to work a review and a link in for you. The review would be posted on both Amazon and B&N.

Reading for pleasure will always be related to print, but reading for business will always be relegated to the world of the Nook.

And speaking of the Nook, please check out my latest review for a YA fantasy written by Andrea Buginsky:
The Chosen.


  1. I have a book coming out in September. Well, myself and several other bloggers in a collaborative collection of glorified blog posts.

    And nothing wrong with getting a little nook e!

  2. My friend Alice loves her Nook - she plays online Scrabble in the evenings on it. I hope you enjoy yours!

  3. I hope that you enjoy using your Nook. I bought a Kindle two years ago but I don't use it anymore. The battery indicator isn't accurate, therefore I was constantly running out of power while on the go. I may as well take a paper book in that case. I know the pages won't all suddenly go blank while I'm riding the subway train.

  4. Cool. I think you'll likely find the Nook handy for travel reading as well. I never want to give up print books but I do find the Kindle a nice compliment to that.

  5. No, no, G.B. If you sounded like Gordon Ramsay, you would have said "Fucking simple, fucking basic and fucking nutritious are the things for me, yeah?"

  6. Nice, tight review - I have a hard time writing such short things so well.

  7. Dan: That sounds like a very cool project. Let me know when it comes out.

    And yes, you can never go wrong in getting a little nook e. :D

    Lynn: I got the original version, and I'm not a big fan of playing computer games, but I will admit that it is easier to use at work for reading. :D

    It's been pretty good so far.

    S.R.: I don't keep mine on when it's not in use, so the battery life will be extra long between charges. But I can see where losing power would be a huge turn-off.

    I bought the Nook for the simple reason of being able to talk to a real person about it. I simply walked into the store and was able to get all of my question fully answered.

    Charles: Sounds like a decent idea. If anything, I'll bring along with me when I go on short bike trips to do a little writing.

    And yeah, it seems like the Nook is going to be a decent compliment to print, if only for being able to review books easier and cheaper.

    Debra: Brilliant!

    R: Thanks. I've gotten better at it during this year, so I'm sure it will come in handy down the road should I get the itch to write flash fiction.

  8. My daughter MB has a nook, likes it, n takes it everywhere to help fill in waiting time. Her kids haven't broken it after a couple years either!
    I wish I had an e-book device because some series installments are only in e form, n I want the whole trail filled in for The New Jedi Order research project, for instance.
    My guess is you'll warm up to it. Good luck leeping your review itinerary.

  9. Snaggle: It's not too bad right now. A bit of a headache from time to time, but it is what it is.

    This should make keeping my review internary that much easier as not only are the books cheaper, but I can do swaps with others as well.

  10. Haha Nook-E. They should do an ad campaign around that.

  11. Bearman: Would certainly increase sales now, wouldn't it? :D

    Sultry woman, scented candles and as the camera zooms in, she says in a sultry voice, "How about a little Nook-E?"

  12. The library gave me download instructions for a free e-book reader. I can check out e-books from the library (or buy books online) and read them on my laptop. I love that and I can make the print huge to suit my failing eyesight. It's nice to take in the car but I can't carry it in my purse like the smaller versions. Well actually I can carry it in my really big purses:)

  13. G.A.: I keep mine in the box and only take it with me to work. I actually reduced the text size 'cause found that the default text size was too distracting. Go figure, eh?

    I basically bought the reader 'cause I didn't want spend any more time on the computer than I already do. Plus, I suffer from a short attention span to begin with when it comes to reading something other than blogs on the computer.

  14. I totally hear ya on the pinching every penny.

    Nope no reading writing from me coming out. Just cd 2 (eventually) which YOU have a FREE copy coming, because you are one of the brave ones who took a change and bought my first one!


  15. Jannie: Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the freebie copy when it comes out. Very much looking forward to it, as I still listen to the first one at work when I need something to help me get through the day.

    This e-reader will eventually pay for itself in the long run. I've been able to read a few books and write a couple of reviews as well.


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