Monday, July 30, 2012

I Is Geezer!

Once upon a time, I used to watch this new fangled thing called Music Television. They played these things called "music videos" and let me tell you, it was the coolest thing to come along in ages. Not only was it cool, it me me hipper than hip at school. It made me "with it". Know what I mean?

The muse is not amused and lets our intrepid writer/blogger know it. She grabs his laptop, closes it, picks it up and slaps him upside the head with it. Satisfied at a job well done, she pushes him off the chair, sets it back up and blows a short sharp whistle. A few seconds later, a tall muscular hottie walks on, delivers a fist bump and sits down in the chair.

Hi there! If you remember watching this with great frequency, then you are what we call "A Geezer".

The modern definition of a geezer is someone who remembers when the world didn't quite revolve around the Internet, a personal computer was a major monstrosity that used a cassette to load programs and 5 1/4 inch floppy discs, and videotape ruled the world (VHS that is).

The owner of this blog qualifies as a geezer, 'cause when he was a teenager, the following statements were true.

1} He knew life when gas all had lead, and you could fill your tank on $15.

2} Music came in 8-track, vinyl and cassette.

3} Laser discs were an epic fail.

4} Beta was an epic fail.

5} Music that you now hear on the various oldies formats was actually fresh and current back then.

6} Boy bands were still in diapers.

7} T.V. was NBC, CBS, ABC and PBS.

8} The networks actually used to spend a week promoing new cartoons for the season.

9} And Steve Martin was God.

Anyways, my job here is finished. All there is left for me to do is ask you a question and all that you're required to do is answer in the most interesting way possible.

"Is there anything that you remember and enjoyed while growing up that now either gets you vacant looks from your kids when you mention it, or depresses the crap out of you when you find out it's still being produced/performed?"


  1. Debra: I remember those. Had those for quite a while too.

    Bearman: Welcome to the club. :D

  2. I still have a bunch of cassette tapes and could actually listen to them if I wanted - I still have my stereo components in a closet, all wired up to use. I have vinyl albums, too. One of my younger friends came in and said that I was showing my age (no worries - I have a zillion CDs, too + a loaded up iPod.) I told her that someday vinyl would make a comeback and I was right. :)

  3. Lynn: I have about 350+ cassettes that I still listen to from time to time, although some of them should've been bought as CD's.

    I have about 2 dozen at work that I listen to from time to time, and as for vinyl, it is definitely making a serious comeback as the record companies are seeing serious $ signs because people are willing to pay top dollar for current and past releases that come out on vinyl.

  4. I just packed up a bunch of cassettes. we no longer have a player.

  5. I can relate to some of that, although I grew up in an age of mostly unleaded...but having my little bro (16) here, I can't tell you how many times I find myself saying, "This was a huge hit when..." "When" being before he was born. Ouch.

  6. Charles: I'm fortunate enough to have a combo CD/Cassette radios at work that I can play some of my cassettes on. Unfortunately, some of the cassettes are just a tad worn out so that they play just a little bit slow.

    M: Yeah, I can understand that kind of reality check. I go through it often with my two kids.

    I also get a reality check at work when I come across employees who were born when I was still in high school.


  7. You know Toni Basil still goes down well at some gigs. Gigs full of old geeezers like us. :D Now I'm depressed.

  8. Joe: Toni Basil will always go down good at gigs. :D

    One way that I try to avoid having Geezer-ness inflicted on me is to not listen to classic rock music/classic pop music.

    But....can't get away from it when it's on the t.v. selling product.

  9. I is Geezer too-

    My flash backs all summer so far have to do with remembering the theme song to the hit primetime show of the '70s, "Here Come the Brides" Ah-Hemmm!: "The sky is the bluest blue in Seatle, n the hills are the Greenest Green in Seatle..." I know the whole thing n the second Verse! I remember drooling over Bobby Sherman, n the tomboy bride "Jo" character. Me n Lil Sis did a dance show to that tune, think I was 10-ish.

    What show? Mail Order brides? Anyone else remember it without Google?

  10. Snaggle: Wow, you are definitely dating yourself. :D

    The only old t.v. shows that I remember back then watching as first run probably were a lot of the Sid & Marty Kroft children shows. Not too sure about primetime shows, but if I happen to catch them on some of the smaller cable channels, I'll definitely start cringing with embarrassment. :D


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