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Johnny is such a versatile name. You can attach it to almost anything and you can come up with a well known characer, a well known person or a well known cliche.

For your amusement, here is my attempt at using the entire alphabet and the name John (or in some cases, Johnny). Most of those will have informative links for you to browse, and in two particular cases, I managed to double up on a letter. Also for the letters I, N & Y, names were conjured up by the ever talented Lisa, who was kind enough to answer my plea for help on Facebook.


Johnny Appleseed {well known early American figure}
Johnny Bravo {cartoon character}
John Barleycorn {traditional folk song, however, Traffic is not the definitive version, but a close 2nd}
Johnny Cymbal {singer "Mr. Bassman}
Johnny Dangerously {movie featuring Michael Keaton}
John Doe {co-founder of seminal punk band X}
Johnny Eck {well known half man from the 40's}
Johnny Fontane {singer from The Godfather}
Johnny Got His Guns {anti-war movie, parts of which were used in a Metallica video}
John Holmes {need I say more?}
John Irving {writer}
Johnny Jones {from the musical Yankee Doodle Dandy}
John Kay {Steppenwolf}
Johnny Olsen (announcer on The Price is Right}
John Saxon {longtime character actor of big and little screen}
Johnny Tsunami {Disney movie}
Uncle John's Band {Grateful Dead song}
John Valby {singer/musician nicknamed The Prince of Porn}
Johnny X {drummer for a defunct band called Kenickie}
Johnny Yuma {spaghetti western}
Jonny Zero {bad t.v. show}


  1. when I was a kid, I wanted to be named Johnny. thought it was just cool.

  2. Bearman: Excellent!

    That one didn't even cross my frontal lobes.

    Charles: I think that we all wanted a cool name when we younger. "Johnny" is such a versatile name, right up there with "Joe".

  3. I find that was an amazing feat. What inspired you to try it?

  4. M: Nice!

    Love Rowan Atkinson's Mr. Bean character, plus some of his crazy offshoots.

    G.A.: Thanks.

    Inspiration was in the form of not finding the original one I did some 8 years ago.

    8 years ago, I got bored at work, and wound up creating a similar list (letter X gave me problems then too) and saved it on a Word document. Thought I had printed it out before I'd transferred agencies, but it went MIA.

    So, I created another during my down time at work about three weeks ago.

  5. I was think Johnny Dangerously. And I really shouldn't.

  6. David: "Johnny Dangerously" is one of the few movies that I like that featured Michael Keaton. Joe Piscopo has a great turn in it as Danny Vermin.

  7. Fun list to remember all those guys! I remember watching Johnny Quest!
    So many Johns- I have an Uncle John, plus 3 friends with boys named John-

  8. Snaggle: Thanks.

    I haven't known too many Johns in my life, but I had a good time creating this list.

  9. Thanks for the shout out, G!! :)

    And on the subject of your list, I once saw John Leguizamo at a hotel here in Chicago. One of the very few random celebrity sightings I've ever had... hmmm... maybe the ONLY random celebrity sighting I've ever had... :)

  10. Lisa: You're more than welcome.

    I've had a few celebrity sightings over the years but now that I'm nearing 50, it's not so special anymore.


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