Monday, September 24, 2012

A Blank Piece Of Paper

C'mon. You know you want to. After all, I'm just a blank piece of paper.

Oh sure, I come in various sizes, but traditionally you like my 8 1/2 by 11 girth. College ruled. Yellow with blue lines. Maybe a double red line down one side. Ooooh baby, you know I exceed all of your wildest expectations. I am so totally into you.

Or maybe the exotic and dangerous doesn't do it for you. Maybe it scares you. Maybe you're more of a vanilla been kind of guy. Maybe you like your paper to be lily white with a red line down the side and blue lines vertically scattered throughout. That's it. Your tried and true. Mrs. Dependable.

But wait. We can't forget about the writing implement. You know how I love it when you use a sharpened tip. But extra fun, a rounded tip fills in all of those fibers so incredible snug. But what color? Red is by far the most provocative, the most dazzling, the most exciting.

Black showcases anger. Black showcases rage. Black gives you power. Black makes you the man. But what about blue? Blue is caring. Blue is sensual. Blue shows that you're caring. While Black makes you the man, Blue keeps you being the man.

The rest of the color spectrum doesn't excite me. It doesn't dazzle me. It doesn't do anything beyond making me itch.

But what of the topic? What goodies might you conjure up to grace this blank page? Will it be a provocative story? A quirky story? Something violent and dark, or funny and bland? What about a blog post? The imagination is a bottomless well of potential creative ideas that's just aching to be mined.

And where might you write this mini-epic of creativity? In the front yard with your feathered friends to guide your hand and your dreams? Or perhaps in the backyard, when the spirit soars as the mountain comes roaring back to life after its nightly snooze.

The possibilities are both endless and finite.

Because, after all, I am just a piece of blank paper. Nothing more and nothing less.

But to a certain degree, I am an extension of you. Because only you can make me be more than simply the sum of what everyone else has put into me.

Breathe a little life into me and not only can I promise you the world, but I can deliver it too.


  1. I'm impressed you use paper and pen.

  2. Bearman: And get those nifty little hallucinations in the process? Sweet!

    Lynn: Thankee.

    Actually, it's the best way to stay out of trouble at work. It's much easier to turn a pad over or stick it in a drawer when I hear someone walking down my aisle than it is to do it on a computer.

    Plus, I write so small to begin with that unless you stand next to me and bend over, you can't see what I'm writing.

  3. I too share a tremendous bond with a blank sheet of paper. You have described it well. A blot on the page can fill me with rage and cause me to discard the whole sheet.

  4. It still happens for me, although not as strongly. But I used to just love opening a new notbook, or a new and unmarked word document, and loved marking it up with my first words. It's always been fun, a bit of thrill. I always think that I might write something unforgettable this time.

  5. G.A.: Thankee.

    I'm similiar in the way that because I write about 95% of my stuff by hand, if happen to remember a point or change my mind about something halfway thru, I'm left with the option of either scribbling it out, or starting over from scratch.

    Charles: Way early on, a blank sheet of paper meant I could doodle as much as I want. Now it means that there are infinite possibilities and infinite tangents to go on the second the first word gets written.

  6. Funny, I always use black ink. What does that say about me? :) Granted, I prefer purple.

  7. M: Black makes you the proverbial man, and coupled with purple, makes you the supreme ruler of all you survey. :D

  8. I don't know why this reminded me of all the folks I now have to work with who don't know how to read... (or speak ENL)

    I like college ruled notebooks, n that bright, electric blue ink.

  9. Snaggle: I can usually write on anything when I set my mind to it, and quite often, I find its easier to write research notes and whatnot that way than it is to write on the computer.


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