Monday, October 15, 2012

Nine Tenths Of 1K

First off, I want to give major props to my very strange partner in crime Yello Bear for stepping into the batters box as a pinch hitter for me. Perhaps once he gets done downing all of those honey shots with that Jacksonian of his, we can convince him to stop by and share a few pearls of wisdom.

Now, onto other things.

One of the myriad of strange things that I'd picked up from my late father was his cerebral sense of humor. Like using words and letters to describe numbers. For example, a combination of words and letters were used to describe the title of this post.

Normally, a post like this would be a cause celebre, but considering I took the better part of a week off in order both clear my head and come to terms with a few semi-naked truths, today's post is more of a reflection of what I've done and what's in store for the future.

What I've done is somehow, from May 24, 2008 thru today, crank out 900 official posts for this particular blog. A feat that normally would be very impressive, if not for the fact that some of my favorite bloggers have pretty much done that much plus 33% (or more) during their tenure in the blogsphere. But, and this is a big but, if I combine the total here with all my other blogs (active or otherwise), then I'm floating somewhere around 1100 during my tenure here in the blogsphere. Which makes me a genuine member of the K club.

What's in store for the future is hard to stay. This week, the family is going off on a one week cruise from Florida to the Bahamas, so I'll be doing daycare for three dogs, one cat, one parrot, one remaining family member and myself. I also got a job interview as of the day of and time of this post, so I'm pretty excited about that.

Also, while I was on my mini-vaca, I was (finally) able to come up with a few ideas for some potential blog posts, which strangely enough, were found while I was on my mini-vaca.

My posting may be erratic for the rest of the month, because in addition to the daycare thingy and the job interview thingy, the main operating system that this daffy duck state of ours uses to run the myriad of HR, Financial and Payroll functions for both the public and private sector will be going down on the 23rd and is not scheduled to come back up until the day before Halloween. This is so that brand spanking new non-user friendly (aka compatible with Windows 7 and beyond) software can be installed. So basically I'll be doing various non-computer related work for that particular time frame and who knows what kind of state of mind I'll be in afterwards.


However, what I can say with a 100% certainty, is that I'll have an interview with YA author Jeanne Bannon this coming Wednesday, so be sure to stop by and check it out. Also, if you take a quick peek at the Solstice slide show, you'll find some new releases in quite a few different genres that are sure to pique your curiosity.

Lastly, I would like to say to all my friends, blog readers and blogging buddies, that I sincerely and genuinely appreciate the fact that you've managed to stick with me for almost 5 years and made me a part of either your day-to-day or weekly activities.


circa 2001


  1. Pretty impressive number of posts, no matter what others have done. Congrats on lasting all this time. It doesn't seem we've been doing it that long.

  2. I like that term "K Club" -- I'll use it when I hit that point too in a month or so, I believe. Have fun with all those assorted pets and child (?) while everyone else is travelling. Maybe Yello Bear will share a honey shot or two with you. And finally, good luck on the interview!

  3. Charles: Thanks.

    No, it doesn't. It's hard to believe that I've managed to stick it out this long with something that I enjoy doing.

    Debra: Thanks.

    The other child is 20 but it will be an adventure just the same. I think Yello Bear would be open to little sharing of the shots this week, and while I think I did pretty good in the interview, I'm hoping that I make it to the second round.

  4. Congrats! And I love that picture. Have you posted it before? It looks familiar.

  5. Congrats on 900 posts! I'm impressed! :)

    You're not going on the cruise, too? Not a cruise person? (Personally, I love cruises, but I know they're not for everyone...)

    Good luck with the job interview! :)

  6. Good luck with that upgrade window of non-efficiency!

    My daughter, BBM, works at a hospital which just changed over computer systems which make all records, files, n charts non-paper! She said everyone (but her) is having major issues working the new system- ie: Doctors, nurses, without fast needed patient info access!
    Now that's scary! My main thought is: n what happens the next time power is out 5 days after a hurricane??? Has happened 2ce here... Or even shorter power outs because of wind damage- oy!
    Well imagine that scenario while you bang the head on the wall at work there until the kinks are ironed out...

  7. Nice of you to stay behind and keep the home fires burning while they are cruising. :)

    Good luck on your interview. Remember - if you look right at the interviewer's nose, it looks as if you are looking at their eyes. A good way of maintaining eye contact. (I used to work in the BellSouth employment office. It's an interviewer trick.)

    Congrats on the 1K.

  8. R: Thanks.

    And yes I have. It was attached to one of my very early posts back in 2008. I resurrect it every once in a great while. It was taken at my daughter's baptism.

    Lisa: Thanks.

    No, I'm not a cruise person. Not a flying person either. I have a major phobia about putting myself in other people's hands when it comes to traveling, be it for leisure or for work.

    Snaggle: The main problem with this particular software program is that it was never meant to be used by the guv'ment. It's more designed to be used by businesses than anything else.

    And one of the fallacies of this is that its supposed to generate less paperwork, but the sad fact is that it generates twice the paperwork needed.

    Oh I'll be banging my head all right, that's for sure.

    Lynn: Thanks.

    That's something that I try to do, 'cause to be quite frank, I'm very lousy at interviewing. Selling myself has never been one of my strong points, so that's something I have to work on as well.

  9. Well done G on all those posts. I've only managed 450 posts in a little longer time frame so I know how much effort and dedication that takes - especially when you combine that with your off-line fiction writing too:)

    Keep at it! And here's to success for Line 21:))

  10. Jane: Thanks.

    It's been pretty tough in the past few months to come up with some original thoughts (which is why I took that much needed break from blogging), but hopefully I've gotten my 2nd wind for blogging.


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