Thursday, October 11, 2012


Oh, hello dare! Dis is Yello Bear again, who is feeling like Daddie Warbucks 'cause you know, I's done got a Mr. Jacksonian in my pocket, and do you know how manys huny shots i can buys with a Jacksonian???

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd I's bet yur wondrin' hows i got this Jacksonian to buy all of those huny shots, 'cause you kno, Yello Bear gradijated at da bottom of his dird grade klass, so he's always broken.

Well shure....Yello Bear dun gots the Jacksonian from his gud ole' buddy G.B., 'cause you know, G.B. is still discombulated in the head and thus is suscep...suscip..susap...oh gosh darned sock it all, I's gotta pulley out a dischunerry, 'cause you know, Yello Bear just ain't that bright....let's see...S-U-S....ahhhh, here it is...S-U-S-C-E-P-T-I-B-L-E... susceptible to hypnotic suggestshuns....anywho, he dun paid my empty pokcet a visit and left behind a Jacksonian, 'cause you know, he just ain't right.

But be that as it may, gud ole' G.B. wants me to tell you that he's doing purty good and should be around and about in person by the weekend...he also wanted to let you know that he's been lurking on your blogs this week and really has enjoyed what everyone has written.


Dat's a lot of proper wurds for Yello Bear to say all at one time.

Anyways, he wanted to also leave you with a song by Neil Young from his rockabilly days, just so that you can ends your weaks on a gud note.


  1. And we shall not debate the profound wisdom of Yello Bear at these proceedings.

  2. I love Neil Young and hadn't heard this one. Thanks G.

  3. Hey Yello Bear, can you ask G.B. to send me a Jacksonian too? You know, since he's just handin' them out and everything.

  4. Charles: Why thanks you for those kind wurds. Yello Bear didn't know he's so profunded.

    Ms. Lynn: G.B. says dat dis entiyur alplum came out in the mid-80's and wus Neils only ones with Geffen records, 'cause you know, Geffen didn't do promo for it. But its gots lots of rockabilly songs on its.

    Ms. Debra: I thinks I's can doos that. G.B. is still loco in the heads and he's kind of loaded with the greeen schtufft.

  5. Reminds me of Pooh Bear admitting that he was a bear of very little brain.

  6. Thanks for the good Tune Yello Bear. Sorry GB is still discombobulated. Looks like you earned your Honey Money with all this blog work.

  7. Mrs Riot Kitty: Thankee, i tinks.

    I just likes the truth telling, 'cause you know, Yello Bear was raised by his grasshopper to tells the truth always.

    Ms. Snaggele: By golly, it's been realy herd to do dis blogging schtuff. It dun wants me to take a nap.

  8. Granny Annie: I's sorry, I don't means to frighten you. It's just I's rarely gets todo anyting this inetrestring, so whens I's do, I's do.


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