Friday, October 5, 2012


Hello dar! 'Tis I, Yello Bear, gettin' ready to chow down on a deeeeeeeeelishush P(ickel)-B(akun)-R(anch) bow-wow....yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Anywho, my good ole' bosum bud G.B. has been a lot of discombobulated with his head this week, so he'un axed me to tell yous that he's taking a much needed seista from the cyber world. Which means, as  to the best of my rekohlectshun, 'cause you know, Yello Bear only gradijated from Elmer Fudd Elementary at the very bottum of his 3rd grade class, that means no trodding around that there social media site with the one billyun active users and no bloggin' written ore commentin'. Excepts heres of course, 'cause you know, he done promises me a case of Onyx Moonshine if I's takes kare of the comments today.

No siree bub, he's gonna spend that time trying to get undiscombobulated in the head and maybe, just maybe, be back to his normal self, 'cause you know, Yello Bear likes it when G.B's normals and not like what's he's been lately.

But never fear, 'cause you know, Yello Bear has something up his tiny little red shirt, in that G.B. has left you a little sumthin' to get yous in the mood for the holidays weakend.



  1. I hope G.B feels normals very soon and enjoys his holiday.

  2. Joe: I's sure that in dues time, G.B. will gets back too normals soon.

  3. I didn't know that Yello Bear was a carnivore.

  4. Riot Kitty: Wells, yous knows thats we needs lots of nergee to keeps up with G.B., 'cause you know, he may be large, but he's fast, and that yeller stufft don't really cut it anymores. Too many emptyed calories.

  5. Yello Bear, you are a good friend indeed. Please give G.B. my best wishes, and tell him that he has great taste in music.

  6. good to see you can find a humorous way to marginally alleviate stress

  7. Sparkling Red: I's will pass on to G.B. your gud wishes and your complamints about his tasty music selucshons.

    Darth Weasel: Yesh, G.B.'s humor is oftern strangees and he definitely likes to spread it arounds as much as possibleah.

  8. That Bear never saves anything for this Bear.

  9. N it's not even Tax Time!
    I hope Mistah G.B. can discombobulate n continue blogging again soon!
    Thanks for splainin' Yello Bear.

    You know Holiday Week-end means alot of extra work for me-DagNab-It! I like celebrating Columbus, too.

  10. Bearman: But Mr. Bearman, Yello Bear is only thinkings about yours health. Mr. Bearman is a lean, mean, cartooning drawing masheen, so Yello Bear don't want you to change from it.

    Snaggle Tooth: I's hope so too with Mr. G.B., as doing this moderatin' is really hard work. Yello Bear hasn't spoken this much since he got a sugar blast at the local syruping festevul.

  11. I hope you are less discobulated now, G.

  12. Lynn: He's getting dere. He's still has a ways to go b4 he gets to normalcy, but dis long weeksend hepped him lots.

  13. Wishing you much undiscombobulated-ness.

  14. Granny Annie: Thankee Ms. Granny Annie. I's will pash yur massage onto G.B. and I's shure he'll appreciate it.


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