Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Four More Years Of This?


The American people have spoken and have decided that we needed to have another 4 years of:

Us groveling to other countries begging their forgiveness for our past "transgressions".

A pseudo economic recovery that will not touch the American people...unless you're in a progressive business that loves to get free money before going belly up.

Gas prices that will never go south of $3.25, 'cause you know, we love to give our oil away to other countries and we love when other countries can drill on our home turf. And we love to regulate an industry until we bring it to its proverbial knees.

Being told that we don't have terrorists attacks. We have attacks that are born from "spontaneous protests" (Libya) or we have attacks that are "workplace violence related" (Fort Hood).

Of Big Brother and Big Nanny telling us what we can and cannot do, but what we need to buy and have, 'cause you know, we know better than you.

Passive-Aggressive governing.

Reactive governing.

Spend money, go broke, 'cause you know, being fiscally prudent simply isn't us. That's for other people

Yes sir, the American people have spoken loud and clear, and what they said is something that I didn't think would actually happen.

I want someone to take care of me 'cause life is hard and I can't handle taking responsibility for myself.


  1. My concession speech is on the sidebar of my blog today and I mean it sincerely. It is time for olive branches and not salt in the wounds.

  2. So I'm guessing you voted for Romney, eh?

  3. G.A.: I rarely blog about national politics. Last time that I commented on the presidential election was back in '08, and I think it was very conciliatory in nature. I wasn't on FB back then, but I was having a flame war on another person's blog and in the chat rooms about it.

    I'm pretty sure that this is my last salvo about the election.

    I'll be suffering the trickle down economic insanity for the next four years in this state as the guv'nor here is a mini-disciple of the failed monetary plans of HIM.

    Debra: Yeah, I did.

    Haven't voted Democrat nationally since Clinton I. Been a moderate Republican since 2000.

  4. You know how Clinton turned into more of a moderate in his second term and actually managed to get some things done? That's what I'm HOPING will happen with Obama. (Of course, when he was elected four years ago I said I'd give him the benefit of the doubt... and THAT didn't work out so well...)

    Just remember that life goes on, and politics is cyclical -- in four years, he's definitely gone, and we'll once again move on... :)

  5. Lisa: I sincerely doubt that he'll become a moderate and get things done.

    He mouthed the exact same platitudes in '08 that he mouthed last night.

    I'm already living in a state that has a mini-me running it into the ground and I have to put up with another 6 years?


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