Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Not Resting On My Laurels

One of the myriad of problems that can crop up when you create a multi-part post is when the first part suddenly becomes out-of-date and/or irrelevant.

Such is the case for this post. I had an absolutely beautiful beginning written for this post, where my biting humor, which has been sorely lacking for the past few months, came back for a surprise visit. However, last Thursday's post made part of this post completely irrelevant.

Be that as it may, I will do my best to salvage part 1 of this post. The title alone should give you the basic idea of what this multi-part post is about, which will be covered in minute detail (without putting you to sleep) in the coming days.

The now-tossed three paragraphs of part 1 dealt with the fact that I had the release date of my book pushed back because of some last minute editing changes. It also had a couple of links to the following blogs: Novel Spaces, my book blog and my adult blog.

And it also dealt with a blatant pimping of my chapbook "Betrayed"

Now that I've given you the essential re-crap of the first half of this post, we will now continue with the second half of the first part of this post as it was originally conceived.


This P.S.A has been brought to you today by the wind being faster than a rolling "O", my imagination, which is stronger than a silent "E", and my ego, which can leap a seriously tiny "T" in a single bound without tripping over its shoelaces.

Because you know I'm not just a word, nor am I just a plan (contrary to the party of the 1st part of this post), I am Letter-man.*

*not to be confused with the gray hair himbo on CBS, 'cause you know I would never be a ho' or run interference for the President like he does.

Now, onto bigger and brighter things: namely, what in the world do I work on next?

The main reason why yours truly asks this seemingly inconsequential question of his readers, is that I really need to switch gears and work on something that would be more suited for general public consumption, 'cause you know what I'm working on now is not, beyond any truly enlightened people like my peeps, suited for public consumption.

The slush pile of ignorance that I have gently rapping at my chamber door isn't very large, but what I have is very meaty, very beefy, big and bouncy.

And maddeningly incomplete.

What might they be? Stayed tuned to this blog in the coming days to find out what that answer is. In the meantime, please enjoy this little video by Louis Armstrong.


  1. I rested on my Laurels once. She said to get my fat ass off of her

  2. Bearman: But it was worth it though, right? :D

    Charles: Was listening to a Louis Armstrong on the radio over the weekend, and I remember he did a wonderful version of this song.

  3. Great tune, and that is the question, but I'm sure much will pop up, as you already know what comes next.

  4. Pat: Thanks.

    While I do know what will pop up, the problem is what to work on next.

    I got a couple of incompletes that I'm really gung ho on, but they got put aside for various reasons, and even though it's years later, I'm still gung ho on them

  5. I suspect that blatant pimping in this case is OK :)

  6. That music video was perfect for me this morning. The elections did not go the way I hoped but this reminded me of what a wonderful world this still is.

  7. It'll come to you and it is a wonderful world indeed.

  8. Lg: Thanks for stopping by.

    Yes, I try to make things just a little bit interesting here from time to time. :D

    M: At this point, blatant pimping is all I have left. :D

    G.A.: Yeah, the elections didn't go my way either, and I have post later this morning about it.

    But the song does make you stop and think for while, don't it?

    Lynn: It kind of has, but the problem is narrowing it down to which one.


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