Friday, November 16, 2012

G. B.'s Disjointed Blog Tour of 2012, Take Duex

Welcome once again to G.B.'s Disjointed Blog Tour of 2012. Today's stop is over on the left coast, Oregon to be precise, where we visit our wonderfully skewered friend Riot Kitty and shamelessly pimp our novel to a wonderfully skewered set of potential readers. So if you could, please follow me over to the blog hosted by Riot Kitty called appropriately enough, Riot Kitty.

In the meantime, please check out what these kind people had to say about Line 21.


  1. Wonderfully skewered, eh? :)

    I didn't realize we could start doing Amazon reviews, I will hop to it!

  2. Riot Kitty is a good old (actually young) gal. She did a great job hawking your book and that review by Carl Brush is indeed intriguing. Keep up the good job recruiting an audience. I will be adding this to my Amazon cart!

  3. M: Yup.

    "Wonderfully skewered" was the best descriptive phrase I could come up with to describe you and your blog. :D

    G.A.: Thanks.

    I thought that review by Carl really nailed what the book is all about. I'm glad that you're adding it to your cart, and you won't be disappointed.


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