Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thoughts? Yup, Still Got 'Em

Over at Shooting Suburbia today, we have the fourth and final installment of Autumn Near Cedar Mountain 2012. Please swing by to check it out.

Over here we have a few randomy thoughts to serve to your today.

Randomy thought #1: Twinkies.

For those of you who may have been unconscious in a hospital this week, Hostess is no more. Regardless on how you feel about this, whether you're on the side of management or on the side of the unions, you have to admit that it is indeed a sad day when an iconic brand permanently (?) bites the dust.

However, on Facebook, the demise of the Twinkie has brought new life to the movie Zombieland. Pics from Zombieland are currently making the rounds on Facebook. Why? For those of you who haven't yet seen this incredibly funny movie, one of the major subplots is that Woody Harrelson's character Tallahassee, is on a mission to find the very last box of Twinkies. So people are posting snaps from the movie showing Tallahassee searching for the last box of Twinkies.

Randomy thought #2: Book.

Hot on the heels of success of my stop at Riot Kitty's blog for Line 21, is my next stop, which will be tomorrow at Charles Gramlich's blog Razored Zen. Please stop by to check it out as it should be really interesting. Charles has knack of asking interesting questions, and believe it or not, there are original-never-before-told-on-this-blog answers to the questions.

Randomy thought #3: Colts versus Patriots.

Last week on Facebook, I made something of a convoluted bet with Workingdan. I say convoluted because even though I initiated the bet some weeks ago, it was Workingdan who had to explain it to me after the dust settled.

So here is the bet. The winner of the bet (i.e. me) will write a blog post on the loser's blog (i.e. Workingdan) AND will make the loser of the bet write a blog post on something that he doesn't like, in glowing terms.

Randomy thought #4: Bad customer service.

I wrote about this on Facebook over the weekend, and I thought I would give you a very bright synopsis on how an incredibly simple coffee order got majorly F'd up.

Stopped at D&D for the first time in 1 1/2 years for a black coffee on the way to work Friday. Got coffee. Got to work. Sat down at desk to prep coffee (3 pink sweeteners). Took off lid and saw coffee was carmel colored. Looked at cup and saw that I got someone else's coffee that had 2 creams and 2 sugars. Wound up wasting $1.60 on a coffee that I had to throw out.

My friends, if as a business that specializes in coffee and donuts you can somehow F up an order of black coffee, you really don't need people like me. People like me who used to be diehard customers and left due to bad customer service, will continue to stay away due to bad customer service.


  1. I hope you informed someone in management.

  2. G.A.: To be honest, I rarely drive by that D&D on the way to my other office, because I normally leave from my main office around 9a and from where I'm at, it's a short two minute drive to the interstate. And I rarely drive by it on the way home. To tell the truth, this was basically just a one shot deal, so to bitch about to the management really isn't worth the aggravation of making a special trip to register a complaint.

  3. Now I am curious about the bet with Workingdan!

    I have worked with people who could fuck up black coffee...I wondered, how do they tie their shoes in the morning? Velcro.

  4. M: The actual bet is stated in the post.

    Winner gets to write a blog post on the loser's blog, plus the loser has to write about something he detests in glowing terms.

    I've worked with people who need a three page e-mail in order to understand a simple one sentence request.

  5. I thought I was missing something. How did it get decided who won the bet?

  6. Charles: Once again, thanks for having me. Will see you sometime tomorrow.

    M: Workingdan is a loyal Colts fan and I's a loyal Patriots fan.

    Patriots absolutely crushed the Colts 59-24.

  7. Long live the foil-wrapped Ding Dong.

    I would double tap for a Twinkie for sure.

    Oh, and at risk of sounding even nerdier...I hope I am the only one who wondered why you were getting coffee at a D&D shop. Soda? You bet.Inhaling nasty body odor? Without a doubt. a +2 sword and 3 gold pieces? Unquestionably.

    But a girlfriend or coffee? Unless you make a 20+ save versus chance.

  8. Amazing that someone could screw up a black coffee order. I'd stay away from there for good.

  9. Darth: I stopped at D&D only because my local Starbucks had a line literally out the front door (the owner of the D&D in the center of town has closed for an epic remodeling/rebuilding job, so people are now at Starbucks for their morning caffeine fix) and I didn't have the time to wait.

    Should've gone inside and waited. At least they know me there and wouldn't have screwed up my order.

  10. Lynn: It shouldn't have been screwed up in the first place.

    If you're helping out on the front counter, you handle one person at a time, not multiple people at the same time. Helping out multiple people at the same time is a sure fire way to severely mess up.

    The fact that I had to eat $1.60 for an undrinkable small coffee is what bothers me the most, and it'll be a long time before I stop at that one (or any other D&D) again.


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