Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Next Big Thing Blog Hop, The Outro

Imagine my surprise the other day when fellow writer Avery Debow dropped me a line on Facebook and said, "G.B., ya wanna play along on a blog hop?" (not those exact words, but it's creativity in action here). I said, "Sure thing. What do I have to do?"

My friends, that was the wrong question to ask, 'cause little did I know that I would have to blatantly pimp myself, not once, but twice. But, as they say, trial by fire is the operative phrase of the day, so here goes nothing. And I want make it clear that to everyone that I'm having a bit of fun with this post and I genuinely thank Avery for not only thinking of me, but for picking me to participate in this blog hop as well.

So, just exactly what is a blog hop? For starters, it ain't no Easter Bunny rabbit thingy. A blog hop is a way for the casual and hardcore reader to discover new authors in genres that are in or out of their comfort zone. With bookstores downsizing (B&N) or going bye-bye (Borders), it's important for readers to find out about new authors any way they can, and a blog hop can only compliment what your favorite independent bookstore already does for you.

For those of you visiting Cedar's Mountain for the first time, I here to tell you a little bit about my paranormal/erotica novel, Line 21, and direct you to others who would be deserving of your time. Also, you should stop by a week from today (20th) to read a little Q&A about Line 21.

Since it has been suggested by others that I need to be a bit creative with this blog hop, instead of writing a short blurb about the book, how about I show you a video about it?

Line 21 is currently available for your Nook, Kindle and in print. Please check my book blog for further details.

Again, please stop by next week for a pretty funky Q&A, and please stop by Avery Debow's blog, 'cause it will be worth it. And check out her Facebook page as well.


  1. Nothing wrong with shameless pimping!

  2. Hey, I'm participating in my first blog hop too, on Friday. But mine concerns the Wizard of Oz, LOL!

    I like your new header photo. I'll be glad when outdoor BBQ season is here again.

  3. General comment: This was supposed to go up today. But like most things are going this week, I made a slight boo-boo.

    Oh well, life goes on. And now, on with our show!

    M: Absolutely! Anything I can do to get my book out to the masses is always a plus.

    Debra: Wizard of Oz definitely sounds interesting. I will definitely check that out.

    Ah yes, the header. I took that a few years ago when I was having lunch at my favorite local restaurant, Goldburgers. Weather was excellent as well as the food. :D

  4. I like the blog hop idea. It's a good un.

  5. Charles: Thankee. I think it's a good 'un as well.

  6. Oh the hot dog and fries are back too! :D I hope the blog hop gets you many new customers!

  7. Joe: I hope so too. Can use all the help I can get. :D

    Yup, the hot dog and fries are back for the annual pimping of all good things related to spring and summer.

  8. Blog hopping is an interesting concept.

    It made me think of a sock hop- So what's your all time fave '50's tune?
    Mine's Teen-ager in Love" by Dion n the Belmonts.

    You're right, without all the cool book stores, you really need to get yourself out in the marketplace.

  9. Snaggle: "Whispering Bells" by the Dell Vikings is my favorite 50's song.

    Yup, gotta pimp myself when I can and where I can.

  10. I just have to butt in to your conversation with Snaggle, sorry, I love Whispering Bells by the Dell Vikings. What a classic song and I love Dion and the Belmonts too but I prefer some of their other songs to Teenager in love like I Wonder Why.

    That's it, I'll shut up now. :D

  11. Joe: No problemo. I grew up listening to 50's/60's music, but now as I'm approaching 50, I listen to specialized doo-woop shows that play more of the non-hits that the 50's/60's produced.

    I like Dion & The Belmonts as well, and would be more than happy to listen to some of their non-hits too.

    I just find "Whispering Bells" a better vocal song for them than "Come go with me".


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