Monday, March 11, 2013

Querying 2011 vs. Querying 2013 (2)

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The Submission

Now that I had all the major parts done (query, hook, mini-synopsis & synopsis), the next logical step of progression was the submission. The first time around, as you can well imagine, was absolutely mind numbing. You can read about it in greater detail at the tag for Line 21, but the short version was that I did a wicked amount of research in a couple of writer's forum and queried both publishers and agents. The end result, as you're no doubt aware, can found at my book blog and at my publisher.

This particular phase lasted about a year.

As for ASWR, I believe the querying/submission process will be much easier for a couple of reasons.

1} I know what genre my novella is in.
2} I'm peddling a novella, instead of a novel.

Because I'm peddling a novella, zero agents will be interested in it, and because I know what genre it is (paranormal/fantasy) it will help me narrow my focus on what publisher (including my own) I should query/submit to.

The one thing that both of these projects will have in common are their own pages on this blog. I had a lot of fun tracking my querying journey with Line 21 and I intend to have the same kind of fun tracking the querying journey with ASWR.

Beyond that particular issue, I will be charting a different path on the blog with ASWR. That is to say, that unlike the various posts I wrote for Line 21 that chronicled my every move, from asking my readers questions about certain aspects of women's appearances to writing about how to write a good synopsis; or even the slightly hilarious posts I wrote about self publishing Betrayed!, I intend to explore more of the content and the mindset behind writing ASWR.

I think the only way one can really grow as a writer is to challenge yourself to write something that is both within and outside of your perceived comfort zone. And because ASWR falls within that hybrid, it's something that I really want to explore, because after all, isn't exploring one's head and asking pointed questions about yourself and your writing the one key component that helps you win the latest round of the querying game?


  1. I definitely think that challenging oneself is the way to go. and by far the most fun.

  2. Charles: I do enjoy challenging myself from time to time. The most famous example was writing that new agey story that was published in BTAP back in 2009.

    This should be interesting 'cause I've never actually explained the background to any of my stories before.

  3. Buena suerte! I talked with my bro about making BJP an e-book, as I don't want to sit on it any longer.

  4. Getting out of your comfort zone does sound challenging.

  5. M: Sounds like a plan. If you do, I would suggest using either Smashwords or CreateSpace to do it. Most of the writer friends that I have have gone through one of those two, and my publisher uses CreateSpace to do their print copies.

    Lynn: Thanks.

    It does. I think the initial step out of my comfort zone was made when I was writing/querying Line 21. I had to make some hard choices with it at the very end in order to eventually get it published, and I was very glad that someone forced me out of my comfort zone to do it.

  6. I ordered LINE 21 yesterday and was pleased to use Pay Pal. I try to collect books written by blog friends Do you have any authors you support who have a blog to follow?

  7. I meant to say "published authors". I would like to check them out and see about buying their book too.

  8. G.A.: Thanks for the order, I shipped it out this morning.

    Yes, I follow quite a few writer's blogs.

    I highly recommend Charles Gramlich, who writes horror and fantasy. His blog addy is

    And I highly recommend David Cranmer, who writes pulp noir fiction and westerns. His blog addy is at

  9. I was here before, but the connection cut off which happens alot these days.
    Good to see you're having fun with the tedious query chores-

  10. Snaggle: Gotta find a way to make it interesting for myself, otherwise it would be out of sight and out of mind.


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