Sunday, March 10, 2013

Write Me An Update Uncle Social!

Is but a short post today as I got a lot of writing related things going on this week that I want to give everyone a head's up about, especially since it'll swell my typical weekly blog post count to something that hasn't been seen since last year.

Anywho, Tuesday's post has been moved up to Monday, which is part 2 on the then and now of querying (part 1 can be found here). The reason why Tuesday has been moved up to Monday is because on Wednesday, I'm participating in part one of a blog hop. Never participated before, but it should be interesting.

Also, I think I have an interview coming up this week at another writer's blog. Not entirely positive about this 'cause I'm scheduled for the 3rd week of March and being on the near side of burnt toast, my memory isn't what it should be.

Finally, I have an original piece (yeah, that's a blinding case of the obvious) about why I dabble, but never really plan on publishing, in certain genres that I'm thinking about posting in two parts, with part one posted on Friday and part two the week after. Does that sound like something you would be interested in, or would you rather see an updated old post and save the essay ('cause that's what it's turning out to be) for next week, when it can posted in is entirety?

Also, if you can leave in your comment, a number from 2 to 942. I'm updating my list of old post numbers, so I want to give myself plenty of material to work with (my list is up to 18).

And a postscript to the finally: I'm taking the first of many mini-vacations starting on the 15th. I say "many mini-vacations" because I'm near my vacation cap (feel free to yell at me) and if I don't use my time, I won't get to earn any more. I won't tell you where I'm at for a cap, 'cause then you'll throw stuff at your computer screen. Anyways, this mini-vaca is going to be a writing vaca, which means I plan on getting off my lazy ass and will dive directly into my slush novel. This also means I'll probably won't be around much in cyberspace this weekend.

Oh yeah, one more very important addendum to my postscript: If you've been interested in acquiring an autographed copy of my novel but not really thrilled about using snail mail, I now accept credit cards via PayPal. Please check out my book blog's purchase page for further details.


  1. Hey, I'm participating in my first blog hop this week too, except it's on Friday. Enjoy your mini-vacay!

  2. I sort of don't understand the reason for the number between 2 and 942, but I'll say 337. :)

    Have a lovely writing vacation, G, and I hope it's somewhere really nice.

  3. Debra: I certainly will, 'cause I really need this mini-vaca.

    Lynn: The reason for the number is that I've started a new post series on my blog in which I take an old post from days gone by and try to write a new spin on it.

    Thru the end of 2012, I've written 942 posts, hence the need for a number between 2 and 942 (someone alreay picked #1).

    As for the writing vacation, it will be here at home because the snow is finally melting as spring starts creeping in.

  4. 14. Cheers for the mini vacation!

  5. 34. You sound busy. Actually I've never really understood how blog hops work so I'll interested to read yours.

  6. Joe: Neither have I, so I'll be interested to see if I can properly pull this off. It's a two part thingy (if I remember correctly), so part one will be this week and part two will be next week (I hope).

  7. #16. Have a nice vacay! I'll check out the book. I love to pay with PayPal!

  8. I've done one blog hop and it was pretty cool.

  9. G. A.: Thanks for the well wishes and thanks for the number.

    Charles: It does sound interesting, and I'm hoping some good comes out of it. The person I'm initially connecting to is a mutual acquaintence of ours, so I'm looking forward to do thi.


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