Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Count Your Downs: 300

I thought for the next few weeks, I would re-visit some old blog posts of mine and showcase how Cedar's Mountain has evolved over the past 59 months.

I know this sounds a little bit like my new series called "ReDeux!" but this is something so radically different that it will make your head spin, or at the very least, wonder why I wrote some of this stuff in the first place.

One thing that will make this post, which is #992, different from the others, is that I'll be whipping out some tags that have not see any kind of usage since the early days of this blog.

For instance, in celebration of revisiting blog post #300, I dusted off the shelf a very old tag called "Blogs".

Back in the day, I used to write about the dorky things that blog owners would do from time to time that would just annoy the crap out of me. Whether it was the blog being cluttered with so much advertising that it was virtually impossible to read or load to the blog being so super popular that you were very much afraid to comment. You name it, I probably wrote about it in some particular way.

So let's revisit a moldy oldy post from August 28, 2009, entitled (with one of my pet phrases) "What The?"

As always, you can leave a comment there, or you can leave a comment here. If you leave a comment there, you'll see a few profiles of bloggers who are no longer active within the blogging community, which sort of dovetails into the topic of the post.


  1. I thought I remembered this post and saw that I commented. :) I remember the blogger Kim, who was the first commenter. Looks as if she is not blogging anymore.

  2. Lynn: She hasn't touched her blog in about a year and a half. I still have her as a follower. Her blog was pretty cool.

  3. Thought I remembered commenting, and sure enough, there was my "WTF!"

  4. M: Since you became a follower/friend, I don't think that there's ever been a post on this blog that you did not comment on. :D

  5. We have indeed lost some good bloggers. Once in a great while one of them will show up suddenly and then be gone again.

  6. Charles: This is very true.

    I have a bud that originally turned me onto blogging that has basically vanished from cyber space.

    Every once in a while he'll show up to let me know how things are going, before disappearing back into the mist.

  7. I remember this post vividly, G. And, yes, I still hate when I click over to a blog to see it gone...or, the worst, just hanging there with an moldy old out-of-date post.

  8. Talon: I completely sympathize.

    A few weeks ago, I went on purging spree and got rid of about a dozen blogs that either were hopelessly out of date, closed or the addy was being used for something completely different.

    Matter of fact, did it to a few more the other day as I was going through a few other stray folders.

  9. Virtually all, and I mean ALL of the blogs I subscribed to except yours are either defunct completely or just a random post here and there. Even sometimes ones that were hugely popular burn out within a year or two. I understand that but well - it would be kinda nice if people said Goodbye once in a while.

    Most really active blogs are niche blogs and that includes writers like us. I think it's the natural desire to create and express that keeps us going.

    Readers are a different species altogether! I still have readers who regularly return. These are the people I hope will buy my book should it ever get published. They will be the people who will determine its fate and not other writers. That's why I keep going. Well apart from the fact I just need to rant most days:))

  10. I know this all too well. I still remember this great music blog we used to follow. I practically filled my iPod thanks to that guy, and we traded a lot of great comments. Well, one day I went there and it was just closed. Completely closed. No backlogs, no explanation, nothing. Just gone. I haven't heard a word from him since. And it had like 800 followers and a steady stream of traffic. WTF?

  11. Jane: There is one hugely popular blog that I follow because early on she followed me and we became friends for a short spell. Her blog rocketed into the stratosphere and even though I faithfully read it and sometimes comment, her's is the exception to my rule of no longer following/reading a blog when someone doesn't reciprocate.

    Having said that, there are quite a few blogs that I've enjoyed reading that have upped and vanished, never to be heard from again. My followers widget is littered with the corpses of bloggers who are no more.

    ABfTS: There was one whose avatar is still up on my widget, (goes by the moniker Mr. Monkey), had an absolutely fantastic and insanely popular blog about the english language who simply packed up his blog with just a brief announcement saying that he was moving to YouTube. But that didn't last too long either.

  12. I've heard these called "Orphaned" n Miss many I used to read. Some folks just go to the newest fad, n leave bits behind, or choose to delete or the server maintains them by closing the url down to reuse space.
    Very sad...

  13. Snaggle: Most definitely. Not much you can do when blogs/blog owners just up and vanish from the cyberworld. They do have a tendency to leave just a small void in your online existence though.


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